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Tis the season to give thanks will get the ball rolling M. seven ninety KABC thanks to our loyal listeners for your dedication and support we promise to deliver honest opinions common sense insights and all we ask is that you keep listening Los Angeles Orange County and Caleb SPC to Los Angeles holidays just write a ABC news live local three o'clock on the show Paula house Democrats laid out their impeachment case against president trump a sweeping record report accusing him of betraying the nation and deserving to be ousted as key lawmakers begin to signal where they stand ahead of this week's landmark votes Republican congressman Mike Johnson said the house Democrats have not produced any evidence against trump when you're talking about impeachable offenses okay we did a fourteen hour hearing last week they had all these hearings down the basement then presented any direct evidence to show that the president was involved in any crime he compared the previous impeachments to the current impeachment process we were talking earlier about the three previous impeachment in American history and each one of those there were specific criminal acts that there was a a mountains of evidence to prove had been committed we don't have that here follow all of it by going to K. A. B. C. dot com and clicking stream to students at a liver in high school or remembering a teacher who died over the weekend trying to save a stranded hiker Hector variola is one of the students at Damien high school who says his teacher Tim staples was a great person he was always someone I looked up to use a true role model for me someone that I wanted to model.

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