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You fired A PD officers win back their jobs after video shows them tasing. Two college kids caught in the middle of street protests last summer, Attorney Lance LaRussa tells me Atlanta police investigators Mark Gardner and Ivory Streeter feel vindicated after the Civil Service board agreed their due process was violated when they were fired without an investigation on whether they used excessive force, arresting two college students because lawful force will never look good on a video instead of saying it looks bad, so we need to do something. There should have been a presumption that these were highly trained officers and maybe what they did was approach. Criminal charges are still pending. The Russo says The officers who were ousted June 1st are expected to get back pay Veronica Waters. 95.5 WSB Atlanta Rapper Celente is facing murder charges in the shooting death of his cousin in the cab 23 year old Ricky Lamar Hawks Jail without Bond If the fatal shooting of Frederick Brooks and Panthers Ville detectives do not disclose a motive, Hawkes, a graduate of Re Dan, Hi, Watch Me was a huge hit for him, but he's been arrested multiple times in recent months for speeding do best. Violence and weapons counts. One Rochester, New York police officers suspended two others are on administrative leave after nine year old girl is handcuffed and pepper sprayed by police responding to a domestic call. The incident caught on body Cam is leading to protest demanding change within the department know Mardi Gras parades. No problem with Mardi Gras parades and other celebrations canceled amid the pandemic. The idea of decorating homes like Carnival floats emerged more docked on this map than I ever imagined. Taking. Boudreau with the crew of House floats, says the map shows decked out houses and about half of the states and in half a dozen countries, reporter Dave Cohen says there are all sorts of Yardy graw themes, including one dedicated Dolly Parton and she has sent Dolly swag in. Thanks. WSB news time. 6 25 completely lost with Kobe calendar is today Fat Tuesday? No. Two weeks. Okay. Thank you. 25.

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