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Well we'll talk to Mister Clyde ones and we'll find out if he's found any stripers good morning Clyde good morning Bob now Barry we sure right it's loaded with capers K. twenty one twenty two inches at a certain place last week one that was out and any Oxbridge I caught twelve keeper never had a one over twenty one in church here hearing may help but they are catching usually about one good fish a trip on no mark was bait station last week he caught a fourteen fourteen pound right thank wow and yeah yeah one nice racially only caught a couple yesterday officials same area by the Antioch rate and I got to the nineteen inches right in there but I also lost one right at the boat while was Richard for the better right it's not a real big but write a ten pounder that's a good first I'll show sure there's always a chance out there yeah you should know all water temperatures really dropped I thank god had an affect on some but yesterday I left the dock forty nine degrees headed for the same place I never got over fifty point five all time I wish fission were usually doesn't that Clyde you know the the facial bite in the water temperature but when the when the water first goes down two or three degrees that kind of slows things down until they get adjusted to were usually right absolutely none of us thought yesterday but then I was on the way home the wind come up about their and I'm I'm doing minnows and and by the way everybody that had both metals and much like we're just really I never got a hit on the large shocker everything come on the on the young man that sh brand yeah week before it was all mud suckers and change natural tried to get all the windows today and he got into a bunch of fish he called me I was on the way home I said I'm not going to do this in a way and and I think you know quite a few fish just trying to doctor all the window thank you was around prisoners point no he well yeah that's good so show me a pretty good day but he's not drain till twelve all over the floor yeah are we usually talk together to see where the fish are good on there yesterday morning both of us regular the same time or wondered where the push for another just kind of disappeared last week everybody here just a couple fresh but maybe there's a few different places were not track and that was kind of not shown so I'll be out I'm going to still do the no mud soccer and mental one more time least and and now I'll be interesting next week what was gonna happen marks one of the US marshal no in modern cinema I am god been going to go in there you have it a try there's got to be some cation merit such time of the year yeah this had but just move around and there's always wondered fish coming out usually yeah you know when you are who you are and also a lot of the small fish you know quite winner Clyde it is winter and you know a couple weeks ago we got in to right where you are fishing there just in fact just above that shoal between there and the others there was a good spooning by there was a big concentration efficient mostly small fish but you know that just reminded me although I filled that was a little early usually when we get in the winter and it's cold like it is right now those schools are shad hang off either Santa Clara or San and rituals in that deep water next scrolls L. that's with a spoon for stripers all winter long has anybody been checking to see if if that's happening all I haven't heard anything but you're right about the depth on in that people want I'm a I'm catching everything that I catch twenty three to one yeah twenty two are you can get I got one the other day I was lifted out of play and want to go to the boat and I got out to about thirty feet my other rod was loaded up but head there but I didn't yesterday with the cold water but I think when I spoke I usually just take that mental are are much soccer straight down yesterday the cold water a sheen I thought it was a bar our garage working a little bit a little bit all of a sudden it went down and loaded up but they for round with the bait a little more when it gets cold like that yeah they will take it I will take it and Honduran bloodsuckers and minerals I'm just trying to what power power drift question one mile an hour here if you put one in one of non well it's slow but when you find specials like Raj it's a lot of fun yeah but I'm I'm mostly on the sand what can slide right so so you're saying even with the minerals the the.

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