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Martha maccallum we're going to ask the tough questions because there's a lot of conventional wisdom out there that needs to be challenged in what I'm doing is making sure that whatever is develops through the day. People are fully informed from coast to coast. We're twenty four seven news. But really down to the minute. We're going to be fearless. We're going to be fair. Whether it's four AM or midnight for their Fox News channel, real news. Real. Honest opinion, the Trump administration policy that would dramatically change the way immigrants seek asylum challenge before a federal judge in California, the ACLU and others sued to stop the migrant protection protocols. A new Trump administration policy that keeps asylum-seekers in Mexico while their cases are pending here. They're transported across the border on their hearing dates. There's already been some confusion for migrants, and their attorneys system is put in place that deprived time secrets of due process. That would be in violation of US law, and international treaties of the United States is a party to Gregory Chen is with the American immigration lawyers association. Trump administration officials say this policy is needed that asylum claims have dramatically increased and many of them are fraudulent Jessica Rosenthal. Fox News gas and electric pushing back on a judge's revised proposal to prevent the utility companies equipment from causing more wildfires saying in a court filing. It could not monitor every tree in it. Service area at all times to make sure it complies with trimming laws. Nasa, astronauts took a walk outside your earlier today. Nasa, astronauts, and McLean and Mick Hake. Spend about six hours outside the international space station, making a few upgrades to the orbiting outpost. They're back inside. Now. Trevan your Thermo will cover again. Go. The pair replaced a series of large exterior batteries used to power the station next. Week McLean will space walk again. But with another female astronaut making it the first ever all female spacewalk team in Miami. Evan Brown FOX new apple expected. One Vale new video streaming service in a news subscription platform at an event Monday at its headquarters in California, the Wall Street Journal plans to join the new service, but other major newspapers like the New York Times and.

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