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Oh omarosa is sabrina was the name of omarosa is like sabrina from big brother candidates to only like evil evil genius mastermind version of sabrina whose like you on could tv good good to too it looking forward to that hopefully because we had the hih competition and the feeds were down most of the night when they came back up omarosa was nowhere to be found and we discovered that's because she has been sent to the hospital yes she is on christmas vacation and yet i am talking about the fact rather flare yes she apparently is it at least getting some sort of medical treatment she's in the hospital we know very little about the situation but we know that meriva apparently seems to be the one who put her there because morris a literally says i put her in the hospital so we we know the it was the the spin bowling competition so people are theorizing that may be mm orissa like accidentally slick hit by omarosa with a one of the bowling ball's i i don't know how that's possible by maybe i are now i mean something that would warrant going to a hospital for i mean i'm sure that the show is going to take extra precaution with the celebrities because they're celebrities as you know even though people argued that they're not celebrities i think they're getting especially omarosa race is going to get some extra treatment but yeah if it was the ballerina bowling competition i'm just trying to theorize alike think about all of the ways that she could have gotten injured that maricic could have injured omarosa the rule bowling bowl out or ran into our nocker over i dunno i we don't really know what happened just as we got these little snippets of morris on ross talking.

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