President Trump, Janet Mills, Representative Liz Cheney discussed on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory


The president versus the house, speaker members of congress reacting to the face off between the powerful leaders, and how it affects government on NBC's meet the press house. Democrat Hakim, Jeffrey says his leadership's aim was to work with the president on infrastructure last week, but the president's refusal meant he didn't just walk out on speaker. Pelosi walked out on the American people. Donald Trump is functionally, a studio, gangsta, GOP, Representative Liz Cheney said on ABC's this week that a democratic rush to impeachment is tearing apart, the president's opposition. But I see every day is a speaker of the house who is increasingly losing her grip on the leadership of conference. The president said last week, he won't work with Democrats until their investigations, stop Grenell. Scott thoughts Newt warning signs now. Posted on a Maui beach after the death of a sixty five year old California men attacked by a shark. And I witnessed says the man appeared to be unconscious, and he was missing his left leg from the knee down, the man's family told rescuers he'd gone swimming in the area. Another state joins in requiring children to be vaccinated eliminating religious exemptions. The governor of Maine democrat Janet Mills, has now signed a law, which adds the state to a growing list of those which requires vaccinations for children to be able to ten schools means religious opt out, we'll be all over by twenty twenty one. The Bill sponsor democratic rep Ryan tipping says it's clear, whether ports of a measles, outbreak and spread of other preventable diseases that quote, we must act. Some opponents of laws governor mills broke a campaign promise by signing this thing. Apparently, she said during a Facebook live event that she intended to keep the religious opt out available. John Sasa, Fox News schools across the country are rethinking their approach to team vaping statistics show a rise in suspensions for students using e cigarettes on school grounds. The CDC says e cigarettes are more popular among students than traditional.

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