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It's important technically but but we're not gonna go there okay metro pcs was a public company as a result of the merger the metro pcs shareholders own twenty six percent of the combined entity so deutsche telekom now on what's that seventy four percent of the company and then twenty six percent is publicly traded on the us stock markets okay that's one the other thing they do is they bring in a new ceo to turn around the company after this disastrous falling through the merger and they find really really boring non polarizing run of the mill ceo yes yes that was the plan so they bring on a turnaround expert a guy who has just sold a company called global crossing we're not gonna get into global crossing it's like the most boring wired telecom conference bridge corporate telecom company you can imagine the former ceo of it had taken over to turn around the company from bankruptcy ended up selling it leaving it to an acquisition of three dollar acquisition the year before in tony eleven so this guy turn them around he saved it went from zero to three billion hopefully we can do the same let's bring him on see what he can do here this is a guy who before global crossing he had been an executive in the telecom industry at at and t for almost twenty years he also worked at dell so we had a little bit of you know you could argue device you know sensibility at that point in time this was like relatively early days of smartphone time twenty twelve twenty thirteen whatever great let's bring him in what's his name his name is john john ledger you know whatever some dude telecom guy.

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