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So I'm really high on Colorado state. I don't know if I should be, but Nico medved has had success at every stop that he's been at. He's part of the ten miles coaching tree and we know how much success to miles had when he was coaching at Colorado state. You can make the argument that they have two of the three best players in the mountains. I think great sherfield is probably the best player in the mountain west. That's Nevada. Yeah, Nevada, and then some people are going to make the argument that transferring into San Diego state, the kid from cow. What's his name? Matt Bradley. Bradley. Yeah, Matt Bradley is the best player in the mountain west. I think you can make a very strong argument that Isaiah Stevens and David roddy are two of the three best players in that league. You put that together with the way that they can kind of play and the fact that I think that they're going to continue to get better defensively. I'm in on Colorado state winning that conference. Oh wow, that's a take I have not heard yet, but I like it. I think that's a really interesting I bet you could get pretty good odds on Colorado state to win the mountain mustard. As good as you think, I think they're plus 300 right now. Yeah, I would have guessed like plus 500. Interesting. Yeah, to me, this team is Bonnie's. I think they bought a venture is going to be really good. Older team soon, osini is a terrific big who should be able to really do a lot defensively for a saint Bonnie's team that finished top 20 nationally last year. Kyle Lofton is terrific guard in the backcourt. They're old as hell, like I can't imagine that there is going to be an older team this year in college basketball, outside of like maybe a couple of mid majors, right? Yeah, I mean they're up there. I don't know if they're the oldest but Belmont is definitely the most experienced theme in the country. They start like four guys that are redshirt seniors or something like that, but it's amazing. I mean, the Bonnie's. And the other thing about the bammies is they might have a top 15 coach in the sport where we'd be probably don't want to go down the road of ranking the best coaches in college basketball. But whatever list you're putting together like you have to at least mention Mark Schmidt, right? Yeah, Mark smith's really good. Really, really good. Really good on court coach for sure. Okay, let's go to do we want to talk about the Missouri valley at all real quick? You know, we kind of mentioned both the other leagues like I think oil is going to be really good under drew Valentine again. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, they're going to be really good. Stock can be pretty. It's going to be like physical defensive minded basketball, but they're probably going to be really good again. Yep, and then any other thoughts on the West Coast conference. We've got BYU and we've got San Francisco. I would say are probably the next two teams that are most exciting there..

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