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That would be awesome. Maybe even have your crew with you. So that would be cool. So I can make it happen. Great. Well, moving on I couldn't sleep yesterday the other night while scrolling on facebook I came across this facebook live and I'm not sure if any of you guys any listeners have if you heard of him on Dave I'm not really sure how pronouncing his name. It's David said ever live facebook page I might be pronouncing killing his last name, one of the chats posted. A tweet by a person called Nick are at you are awaken and I'm not familiar with him or his beliefs although I was. So intrigued for what he was read, I was reading he posted a twitter feed And I'm going to read it because I thought it was really crazy and the original tweeter posted Gosh it was on. I two nights ago. And they're also FBI documentation. Docks by it. So here we go. This is what what it said. It said at John. F Kennedy Jr. yesterday they show why had to stage his death and disappear after being posted twitter shut down the accounts. He also stated that a big announcement was coming and sooner than previously planned it's happening share while what do you guys think about that I don't know if I believe in anything like that conspiracy that John John F. Kennedy Juniors alive or not but I love these conspiracy theories. So. What do you guys think about it? I think is lot be honest with you I do believe that. with so much You know dirty thirty laundry and stuff like that in Washington DC. Definitely. And he's not for revenge I do believe that wholeheartedly. It was an interesting fate. Jan United discussed his previous. I'm pretty I'm pretty, thirty terrorist in the Water That particular night and I've read a lot up on it and. It would take a heck of illogic convinced me otherwise well, I thought that too after, but I started going on all these different youtube videos. And I went further into this guy's twitter account and he has a hundred and eighty page original FBI documentation that is on the FBI's website, and there was a plan couple plans to kidnap JFK junior. There's an article and I'm pretty sure. I posted it earlier on the website, but it is really in depth and I looked over at an I. Don't know there was some things in there that really scared me and I also read in there there was a there was a threat i Joe Biden to Jay Kennedy Junior there were police reports so I went back to the facebook live. Lincoln started seeing. All kind of raises the awakening the alliance I thought I was reading a chapter in my young book from the sky a chapter in the novel because I do talk about the alliance by had no idea what I was like I was having this psychic, you know permission or something, and the further I read the more terms than I've never heard of like ball and I know of the deep state and I never heard of this term and I talked to Jennifer the producer about it a while ago Q. Q. Q. A on I'm not sure if I'm even pronouncing Shula Down, John, talked to John About that. But Sean I bought we have a special guest is going to help us understand a lot of this stuff. So Celeste, he's going to help us understand it in our listeners to what it means, and if you already know about it, you might have a better understanding by the end of the show. But..

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