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Appreciation on merging the concern in the online and offline world into one seamless experienced abut on the on the merchant side look technology is nothing more than a glorified pack leader in banded decades ago hasn't changed much since we upgraded at a time when we had the knuckle as we have great the pause but since then there's really button up in an advancement in exactly into so we wanna use the latest technology from the mobile in this new hardware renaissance to how do we reimagined that tylenol which has the value of being ubiquitous almost every week lowered now has it funny funding we we asked donald retailers will do rather lose their lights or their payment terminal after a day in they said we will lose ally sprinkled shop in the dark and that's like as survey of two millennials who asked with a rather lose their smartphone or or or not have sex and there's a twenty five percent said that rather have sex and liz that's not fun i ever know that bigoted underscores the importance of those devices that how we re imagine that device as a small connected multipurpose devised with defined by his software has the ability to repair result almost every other device but does the beasted function of payment processing really well in a futureproof way and so we added all the relevant technologies of the next decade and wielding from magsi tribe dmv opted to nfc you are golden beach in along.

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