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PEOPLE SUGGESTING RIDE Reading about him is he around superfast? He's around he superfast. Maybe. Somebody also suggested could get killed they kill Superfan but I mean, you don't want to risk the kick get hired. Yeah. I mean there would be nothing worse. Than if you recruit got hurt chasing billy downfield. You know that would be like as bad as when snow go willow nearly hurt nerlens. During Badness campout. Timmons might be the one. That's a good one because he's really fast. See I really liked this. The idea. That if I were to run eleven miles an hour which what I said I felt like I could do that's a five minute mile see I couldn't run a five minute mile though. But I might be able to do it for fifty yards. You see what I'm saying. Like like de Que Metcalf can't go twenty two miles an hour for a mile. No. He sure did it for one hundred yards. Yeah. Man. Anyway. At Sports Radio One birthrights did you did you think the Indiana guy got in or not? So I thought Ryan. that. He didn't I thought the ball bounced out of bounds. A millisecond before it hit the pile on. But it was so close. And they had the guts to go for it. I was okay with them getting. They call the touchdown on the field. So what had to be enough evidence to overturn it I'm with you all the replay replay. It looked like it. It definitely hit the ground before it hit the pile on. But I think just the dramatics of. Upsetting a top ten team like Penn State all the theatrics and everything I. Think they were going to overturn it they've. Not talked about enough is that they pull the how me there. Yeah, they let them store. Penn state was too stupid. I called pins eight had to do with Neil and they won. But they scored. That's a how many of the ball back. You're down one at the end of a game. You you let them score and it worked and it worked Indiana wins. That was exactly what how mummy did against. Syracuse. In the Music City Bowl. I don't remember when he did it. I think it was I don't think it worked but I think we did it in the Music City Bowl now let me ask you this. Did you see the end of the Falcons game?.

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