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Just such a great job and so it's like we're spending all this money and we get. Oh the finals and we put him on. Abc and everything else and yet at the same time. You can't get your act together in really put together. Great programming and a great cast of characters to carry that programming You know that's what a lot of people get paid for and it's always been. The nba is Espn's waterloo sounds like rachel is supposed to host the nba finals. But you don't have to say that just reading between the lines right enough about espn october first. The sopranos prequel. The many saints of newark comes out and then in october. Hbo ounce curb will return for season. Eleven i think you were on twitter and everyone should follow him on twitter You said you think it's going to be october twenty fourth for the curb debut. I now a good host would have you come on here and say. Tell me what you know about the season to curb. I don't wanna know. I wanna go in fresh spoilers but have you. Could you give me sort of like a roundabout. What have you heard about this season. I i will say one thing right off the bat. I know richard lewis not in this season because he had a medical which is which bums me out because it. Oh he i thought he. They said no. Richard lewis because of some health issues. I know but he's made it into a season eleven. I don't want to give great. Okay good i mean we all love richard and had three surgeries and just so glad that he is going to be part of season. eleven Obviously the loss of bob binds thing continues to you know. Be sad but there is an i promise. I won't give it away but they're one delicious addition to the cast This season which is great. I'll tell you based on season ten. Who i wouldn't have minded if they made them a permanent kasim over for season eleven. That was jon hamm. He was so freaking good in that episode last year where he was basically larry so good. Do you know if we see him at all in season eleven. You can give that if you if you know that. Because i would love to see him again. I'm not sure okay. That's sure but you know. The other thing is when john hamm hosts senator man he brings it like you know of their hosts on a monday night. They like sit there with their arms folded. And i don't want to do this and i don't want to do this. And that's gonna make me sound like a jerk and you know jon hamm you. Starting kirk to guy is korea and he really does crush it if you want. See a really funny john. ham thing. billy on the street. Billy eichner who i love and his hilarious on twitter. He does a billy on the street with john ham with the two of them..

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