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So that's visit kings island dot com on then kind of beyond Kings Island and Camp Cedar. Of course, there's so much to do here in Warren County. I'm all throughout the area on a website is Ohio's largest playground dot com. So there's there's plenty Of ways to see what's going on down here online. Scott Hutchinson, the director of communications for the Warren County Convention and Visitors Bureau, Thanks for taking some time with us this morning. Thank you very much Use radio 6 10. W TV END SPORTS Baseball Last night, the innings rally with four of the eighth and win at Kansas City 73. Harold Ramirez the go ahead double in Jake Powers of pinch hit two run homer and that four run eighth Tribe have won three straight and four of five. The Reds are buried at home by the White Sox nine Nothing since he held on Lee two hits, both by Tucker Barnhart. Meanwhile, Chicago picture Dylan sees not only 16 shutout innings but was three for three at the plate against the Reds in his first three at bats in the majors. The Clippers has 63 winner over Louisville in the season opener. They'll play five more there before the home opener next Tuesday. His blue Jackets. Update SERVICE A Buckeye Express Logistics jackets home to Nashville tonight the C B J back to back overtime losses. They've dropped 11 of the last 12 overall face off at seven on Valley Sports, Ohio The NHL Informer Jackets President John Davidson, now with the Rangers are at odds. Davidson in a statement blasted the league and NHL player safety for not suspending Capitals forward Tom Wilson. For his rough play the other night, Wilson punching a Ranger player who was pinned to the ice and then pulling our Tammy Panera down by his hair. But Aaron was injured in the fall and out for the last three games of the season. All Wilson got Ah $5000 fine. Davidson calls it a dereliction of duty. And once George Parros, the head of NHL player safety to resign soccer Tonight the crew play the second and final leg of the Champions League match with Monterey. They played to a draw last week. Fs too, has it tonight from Mexico and eight from the central Ohio. Honda Dealer. Sports Step Back Recordings Radio 16. W TVs. All righty. Thank you, man. Down to the news of the room. We go to Scott Jennings. What you got working, Scott. Bob of Covert vaccination rates dropping in the U. S. Prompted President Biden set a goal 70% of Americans getting back sneer with the least one dose by the Fourth of July, Dr Francis Collins, director of the National Institutes of Health, telling ABC News. Those who might be hesitant to get vaccinated and seek out credible information..

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