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Thomas Rosetto, my guest, the author of living the paradox of enlightenment, and the essay we're discussing Houdini. Afterlife experiment. Did it work and that is posted up at the coast to coast, AM dot com website and Thomas's website is well infinitely mystical dot com. Time is Thomas, so let's get to the the CEO aunts at best as house in January of nineteen twenty nine and Arthur Ford is there this is the the medium who had reached out to her. So so what happens? Arthur Ford shows up, and he either Ford usually works with a spirit named Fletcher and Fletcher is in touch with Houdini and this ability for the spirit world to communicate to our physical world is a little bit tricky to navigate and so sometimes spirits need a little more help with this and apparently Houdini as mother the spirit of genie's mother was also present to make this all happen. And they were able to make it kind of a like show, a very theatrical show where hurry would work with best the same way they worked when they were on stage and use her as an assistant, and and have her well, he was very poetic with her very at times, very touching and romantic and there were statements like throw in the curtain and all of this. But what they did was they put this ten key words on the table. And then they decoded them. And after it was decay. Coded the message, I'll tell it and just a minute. But first I want to explain that best is a nickname that Harry used for her with Rosa bell. And this came about two popular song right around the time when they got married and this song had a little bit or perhaps more of the song inside her wedding ring. And so Harry, Calder Rosa bell. And so the message once it was decoded was Rosa bell Belise, and it really really touched Bess, and she was very very strong and clear in her language that her husband had spoken to her. And did anyone did anyone know did Arthur Ford? No that Roosevelt was the pet name for Besser was this common knowledge. It might have been known throughout the close friends. So I really can't say about that. There's a story going around that I registered. Other day on the internet because I that's trying to brush up on this kind of stuff. Someone said that there was a big romance between Arthur Ford and bass who is twenty years older than he and he saw her wedding ring and saw the inside of it and saw where it said Roosevelt, and blah, blah, blah. I just don't find this credible. So I won't go into it. But yeah, there are people that say that it's quite possible that they would have known that he referred to as Roosevelt, but the the is actually came through decoding of those other. And again, he just he didn't Ford through his spirit guide Fletcher. Just shout out the word believe they used this secret coding message that we had mentioned earlier using those keywords pray answer. Say now tell please speak quickly. Look be quick. And and these all when decoded spelled out the message which began with Rosa bell. And and believe yes. Yes. And and she declared this a success she declared it a success. Correct. Absolutely. And in fact, the very next day. And in fact, I think this was written in another newspaper by someone who is president at say on set off. This is a lot of nonsense. It wasn't true. And so that's why her statement says regardless of any statements made to the contrary I wish to declare that the message in its entirety and in the agreed upon sequence. Given to me by Arthur Ford is the correct message prearrange between Mr. Houdini and myself, and then it signed by not only her but three witnesses one of them is Representative of the United Press. Another one is one of her lifelong, friends and another one is someone from scientific American. And these this this letter was reprinted in the New York Times. And she gave an interview to the time again confirming that that this was a success that had happened. Yeah. I think so in effect of the newspaper articles that I was reading you could clearly see you're in support for a good while and then around fourteen months after this. There's a hard switch where she suddenly starts to denounce denounced anything was valid that. There was any evidence whatsoever. That this was a genuine contact. So it's it's quite shocking. But before that before she sort of recanted. There was another reporter with a magazine or a newspaper called the New York. Graphic graphic rather than your graphics and tell me about this reporter is it re- Jari I can't pronounce the name. But. But I think the first name is Ari. A and I think it's pronounced right? She had an apartment, and she invited Arthur Ford over to visit her and she was going to interview him, and she had some friends hiding, I don't know where they're hiding in the closet, but there's hiding somewhere and they're going to witness this exchange. Well, the person that shows up is not really author Ford. It's someone that's been page one person eight Arthur Ford, and he shows up, and he says, I I paid MRs Houdini some money, she gave me the code. I'm just here to tell you the truth. I just you know, it's really funny because best heard about at well, the reporter wrote this up and so fast responded in a letter to that same paper where she just completely denies it. There's she's been a party of fraud. Anyway. And if Arthur Ford said that they were in cahoots. He's a liar. I mean, she's very clear in this letter goes on and on and I had never seen this letter until yesterday, and it's an article posted on a website and the author's name is Greg Newkirk. So it's this was written to Walter wind chill, the great Walter winchell. That's what I thought I had read that. There was a letter written to watch Walter winchell. And he was yes, the social go-to guy, you know, and, but this kind of made it look like it was a letter written to this. The New York evening graphic. But it doesn't matter there may have been two letters, but she was very supportive in these were supposed to be private letters. The letter starts off saying this letter is not publicity. I do not need publicity. I'm just telling you. I was no party to any fraud. You know? But anyway, there's a number of things like this. Where it looks like someone saying ah we've got proof there's fried he confessed. And then it's like, yeah. But that wasn't him. His lawyer said he was somewhere else at the time. So Arthur Ford didn't go to this meeting with this reporter at all, right? However at some point Bess Houdini further muddies the water because although she has been insisting and insisting that had happened, then she does an abrupt about-face. Yes. And you know in the first days after the message happened in one of the newspaper articles. I read something where she says, oh, by the way, my family and friends, they don't buy this. You know, they don't believe in spirit communication, you know. And so I think that this festered and she was tired of being ridiculed by your friends being labeled a nut. And I think she just sold it and said, you know, what I'm I'm I'm going to go back to my friends. I want them to excess except me and she even said things like if anyone says they get in touch with me after my death and knows that it's false. I will not try to get in touch with anyone. So this also muddy the water. And when I mean, how long after the seance in twenty nine was she recanting and changing her position. I think it was about fourteen months, fourteen months, and but also she had at some point she had offered up an award a reward a ten thousand dollar prize to anyone to ten thousand. But and then she refused to pay for it. So interesting too. Yeah. Because you know, if you really wasn't cahoots with Arthur Ford, he could have done this, much, more gracefully. She basically said, hey, look, I'm not paying because a couple of weeks before this happened. I retract the offer. Well, that sounds, you know, pretty pretty iffy. Whereas if they were in cahoots he could have said, I'm so happy that she's so generous, but I don't want my spiritual progress to be hindered by some kind of monetary motivation. You would have been much more graceful. You said I mean, but it was just days after where she says, I'm. I'm not gonna pay the money. Right. So your your feelings are the best basically. And she herself was an avowed bunker for fifty years. And so the social pressure from her family was just too much. And so she she caved and she recanted. Yeah. That's what happened. I think the subtitle of my essay says something like that does MRs Houdini wanna be a nut or something like that. It's not on the online version, but but anyway, I think she's just got tired of arguing with anybody and wanted to be with the people that you've been with her whole life and be accepted by them. There's also a lot of confusion, and we should touch on this because I think we should go into everything Arthur Ford himself shortly after I think it was about. Couple of years after he was in a really bad car accident. He was with his sister, his car accident and his healing process is aided by painkillers and some of this is morphine, and he becomes addicted to morphine and e for the rest of his life has morphine and alcohol problems. And I think this might have affected his ability to function as a psychic and much later near the end of his life. And I'm sorry. I don't have the dates on this. He was involved in a very high profile say on with pike. That's the name that comes to mind James pike up. Yes was up here on on a in Canada upon a Canadian there's another Canadian connection. Yes. Yes. And I think it's I'm looking at it. Now, nineteen sixty seven Ford how a say on for pike. Now. Pike son had tragically committed suicide. The year before. Now, what Ford did for this high profile say on with he acres. I do. You're kind of breaking up on his Thomas. I'm not sure if it's your cordless phone or a cell phone. But maybe if you keep very still and speak, maybe, okay. It's actually a voice over IP line. And sometimes it does break up is that a little better. It is. Okay. So James pike. This is an episcopal Bishop his son had committed suicide a year earlier. And now Ford is doing a seance on Canadian television. Yes. And and he does a little upfront research brings it into the sand says if he's getting it in a psychic way. Whereas in fact, he got it from a conventional way this was discovered after four died and people went through his papers and found his research preparing for this. And that's why people say this. So this is another black Mark against Arthur Ford, and it's again, muddies the water. So this case the Houdini case as fun as it is in his exciting. It is it's not going to be the first breakthrough convince all the hard. No skeptics it. Just isn't right. But but okay. So Ford is discredited because of the saints in Canada in nineteen sixty seven, but as you point out. He had been taking morphine he had been drinking perhaps that had damaged his medium abilities. Does that necessarily discredit the work that he did on on the Houdini case?.

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