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Hello and thank you for joining us for. How have you not seen a movie. Podcast where we fill in the gaps in each other's cinematic knowledge by asking important questions. Like wait you've never watched the lord of the rings or a come on. You've never seen the dark knight. Or how have you not seen paddington. hello again. Thank you for joining us. For this week's episode i am your host caroline thompson on the other co host carson bats. And this is how have you not seen. Be podcast for each week. We pick one of our favorite movies that the other hasn't seen talk about it. Then we go and watch the movie what we talk about some more. It's going to be a real good time. It is a triumphant return. Yeah this is. You know where we're doing the show again for those of you who have been around in the past. Thank you if this is your first time joining us. Thank you as well and before we go. I just want to say shout out to our new producer. Corey reagan who is here on the call with us one. Yeah so Corey it's really good to have you with us. Hopefully having somebody doing the ones and zeros and doing things like that will help. Keep us afloat for a long time to come but that is neither here nor there. The important question that we have to ask ourselves or more importantly that we have to ask carson this week is carson How have you seen paddington. So that is a very good question. And i'll be honest. I'm not the sort of man who feels particular shame in enjoying things that are when might say her children 'cause i'll tell you what i love meets in star wars. I love me some superheroes and those states. No matter what anybody might say no matter how much vaccinated tries. Those things are fundamentally forgets I didn't really know that the paddington movies were like no. These are actually very good movies like you should watch. They're fantastic until after padding to had like came and went in theaters And since then. I have just had never picked back up this..

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