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Even some record warmth like yesterday's high of 74. It is November after already. Thank you Write meteorologist restaged with forecast The morning news brought to you this morning by Tri State BMW dealers. Coronavirus concerns continue to increase around the Tri states. New Jersey reporting Devastating new No 2877 New Co Vered cases were reported in New Jersey yesterday, the highest daily positive test since April. 21 more people died, but there are concerns a computer glitch may have caused a delay in reporting on Monday when 2075 new positive cases were reported, But the seven day rolling average for new cases remains a 2568 up 55% from a week ago. 233% from a month ago. Alice stacked in Rossini or news in Newark Mayor Ross Barranco is cracking down on hot spots in the city. Three ZIP codes. 07104105 in 107 now have a nine PM curfew during the week. 10 P.m. on the weekend. The another remedy. We need another prescription north prescription is not the state's prescription. Gatherings now limited to 10 people. All sports also canceled. The Newark, New York City's positivity rate is also climbing. And mayor De Blasio says it's getting dangerously close to a level that could trigger new restrictions. Amanda Blasio is reminding New Yorkers that if that seven day Corona virus infection average hits, 3% schools will go all remote. Right now it's at 2.31%. The mayor seemed to hit that 3% benchmark may trigger more actions will be really concerned about whether we can continue tohave businesses open on the same scale. They're open. Now you could see restrictions and certain industries. You could see the full scale closures. But the mayor says New York is still have full control of stopping a second wave by following Corona virus protocols. I'm Scott Pringle, double D. O R news. Cross the country more than 136,000. New cases were reported yesterday. That's another single day. Red Cross the country, frontline workers are pleading with the public if I could do CPR On a person that's dying because of Cove it While I wear a mask, you could probably wear a mask when you walk around the store. Perhaps nowhere is that told more apparent that El Paso, Texas state shipping in 10 trucks, and yet another mobile, more truck pulling in there are more of them. On the way here. Correspondent Matt Gutman. President elect Joe Biden says he's moving forward with his transition, even though President Trump's still refuses to consider just think it's an embarrassment. Great. Frankly, the only thing that, uh How can I say this tactfully? I think it Help the president's legacy. The president elect says Trump's refusal to accept the results of the election will not stop him from preparing to take office bite and also laid out his health care plan is the Supreme Court heard arguments over Obama care. Let's get a closer look at that. Joining us Now Live is NBC radio National correspondent Bill Zim for Bill Start first with the Biden Healthcare plan. I mean, it is much different than The Obama care as it stands now. Not really. In fact, you saw the theme as Joe Biden delivered a speech yesterday in the backdrop behind the podium there, it said, protect and build on the affordable Care act, so he wants to keep that in place, but and hands Healthcare for Americans, as he said he wants to work with Congress to dramatically ramp up healthcare protections. Get Americans universal coverage. Lower healthcare costs, and he said, he's going to build a healthcare system that puts Americans and their families first and that every person can be proud of now. What he's talking about is keeping the affordable care act intact. But adding. What he wants to do is add a public alternative with private insurance public A public option, in addition to the private insurance also expand federal subsidies. For those who might not be but be able to afford medical coverage. Also interesting here is that he wants to reduce the Medicare age from 65 to 60 s. O. That would bring a whole nother people under kind of the government umbrella there as they go to Medicare. So Joe Biden has an ambitious healthcare plan here, Joe. But the question is whether a Republican controlled Senate which it appears we may have is going to go along with it. What's your take on the arguments about Obama care at the Supreme Court yesterday? A lot of people seem to think that the court is, you know, not going to throw out the hole. Act. Yeah, It certainly seems that way. They heard two hours of arguments yesterday. Trump Administration and 18 attorneys general from states across the country wanting to say that the the Affordable Care Act is unconstitutional without that individual mandate, which has been zeroed out there, saying, because of that the whole act should be unconstitutional and thrown out. But it's often difficult to tell how the court is going to rule, But we got some pretty good indications yesterday. A couple of key members, Chief Justice John Roberts, saying that it's hard to argue that Congress intended the entire active fall when the same congress that lower the penalty to zero for that individual mandate didn't even try to repeal the rest of the act and Brett Cabin all weighing in with a telling statement, saying it does seem fairly clear. That the proper remedy would be to sever the mandate provisions and leave the affordable care act intact. Again. You're never quite sure what the exact ruling will be. But if those to side with the three liberals on the on the bench, that means five for affordable care act stays going to be an interesting spring to watch this The absolutely But if someone said the questions, they're not ruling, so we're really not quite sure what? We couldn't expect that NBC radio National correspondent Bill Zimpfer how you know our 2020 I Heart Radio Music festival was once in a lifetime event. And the.

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