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Gentlemen, you have found the tide of Don shows that working out for you Check this out. During an interview that aired on Fox Sunday morning Futures President Donald Trump attacked the media for its unwillingness to cover stories that could cast Joe Biden's candidacy and his presidency chances in a neg. Of way. Trump called it the suppression by the press during a phone interview on Fox News just yesterday, Hey, says the media doesn't want me to talk about it. They know how fraudulent this is. It's no different than Hunter. It's no different than Hunter, he says. They don't want to talk about Hunter. So they totally closed it off Big Tech in the media, other other than the New York Post, as you would remember, which took a lot of heat. It was terminated. It was terminated from, I guess Twitter, maybe even Facebook, but that's the situation we got. It's a suppression of the press jump in here at 51283605 90. I'll also surprised we don't know more about that laptop. You would think that the world would know want to know more about the laptop stories going away. It has it'll never. It'll never be discussed again, right? And obviously, if you've seen any interviews with Joe Biden since since Election night It's so obvious that the any questioning from him nobody is ever trying to back him in the corner as far as the media trying to back him in a corner on any issue at all. Of course, I don't want that to be the approach by the media to drive back people into a corner, but he certainly has not been challenged in any way, shape or form the bias. His extraordinary It is his own full display right now, as far as the softball questions the way they're going to keep him propped up. Obviously, you need telling the guys being propped up because he falls you gotta you broke his foot over the weekend. It'll help. He needs a little little some something well, The Washington Post this morning. They suggest that Joe Biden's administration will be the first to have an all female senior communications team in the verdict on this. That's a false claim. As many of noted that President Donald Trump has appointed several women to such high ranking positions throughout his tenure. He's kind of made a made a career of it Sunday, The Post reported. Biden would tap a gin. Asking the former Obama era communications director to service, the White House press secretary appointed the appointments was announced was announced with with news. Kate Bedingfield, who serve is the former vice president's deputy campaign manager. Be joining the White House is the Director of communications, But let's let's be very clear. I mean, previous administrations have had a lot of high wank ranking women as well, right bad, but all of a sudden, Joe gets credit for having his all female team, his Angels. Well, that's all that's all good and fine. And I have no problem with that whatsoever. Do we celebrate that? What? I sell brightest picking the best person for the job, And hopefully that was the number one priority here. I don't know. Just if you're gonna give Joe Biden credit for hiring a bunch of women, don't you think you should give Trump a lot of credit for hiring a bunch of women too? Yeah, he had a lot. I mean that Zatz the only way the press can To be honest, I don't think the press can restore its integrity. I really don't know. I mean, they put on the uniform of the DNC in 2016. They put on the uniform of the DNC. And they never turn their backs. You know what I mean? Well, they have to want to change. First of all, and there's no doubt they have hit bottom they've gotten is low is well. I say that when you think they've gotten his lows and go, then they go even lower. Well, I don't know how they repair it either. I don't know how they how do you start from scratch well throughout much of Trump's tenure in office, the president's communications infrastructure was Was has been held by women, most notably three of the four individuals that service the White House press secretary under Trump, Sarah Huckabee, Sanders, Kaylie McHenry, all holding those high offices. Likewise, both Stephanie Grisham and Hope Hicks served is the White House communications director. The positions currently remains vacant after it Last occupant. Grisham left in April. 2020 Become the become the chief of staff for the first lady. There you go. I mean, triple surrounded by women, but but in no way ever did he receive any praise for that whatsoever. No, not not. And these were very, very tough, effective. Women and again I'm all for it Great. But what I'm not for it is just hiring women for the sake of hiring women because it really means absolutely nothing If they are the best at the job, That's what I care about. And something tells me that was not the priority here. Listen, the names that they've thrown around so far. They seem like very credible women to me. Well, I'm sure they are. Absolutely I don't doubt that a bit. But I want the priority be. I'm hearing this person because there's no one out there available. Who does this job any better than this person, and if it just so happens to be a woman. Hey, that's fantastic. Someday someday we'll get to a point where it's not a big deal. Yeah, That's right. That's right. Not a big deal. If you hire a man or a woman, Yeah, Yeah, but right now and again. I don't care. I don't care which a man woman, I just want the job. I'm looking forward to see which which transgender. He's gonna point to his administration. You gotta have that they're gonna have you had to have that on the left. You got to have that element. If and if you don't Then you kind of a mean bully, right? We might already have then come all here, so I'm not sure. Well, come on. Let's don't be distressed are not being you're being you're making jokes. But I'm serious shall bide and has to hire gay men and women and transgenders on his team. He has to have that representation. Otherwise, the left is a bunch of bigots. The Thailand don show. Tell you what the way my water tasted it home kind of upset me because you know what we pay for water here in Austin. It is ridiculous. It's it's absurd. So I had the folks at Pentair Water Systems formerly Pelican, come to my home Pinter Water Solutions, and they did a test on my water day. These kinds of the pros when it comes to doing that. Pretty high tech stuff, Really, and they break down everything that's in the water. They can show you and too much chlorine is the situation here with Austin City Water Chlorine who wants to drink too much chlorine over a period of time. That can cause some bad problems. And the hard water we have here is well not good for your skin or hair either. So, bottom line a pinch their water system. Whether you're on city water or well, water, they're gonna have a system that is just right for you. They have the salt system for well, water and they have the you know the maintenance free systems for city water. Salt free. Either way, they've got a system right. If you do have a salt system, they have a great thing right now..

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