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Along. Hell you doing what? What the hell does that have to do with anything? They just wacky sounds things out a sexy good. Okay so I'm talking about everyone's gotTa Rodeo voice and I would have. I've actually see I think I did. I did it definitely in high in high school and in college my Shell and I must see if I can find some old clips old air checks from high school college but effectively. Everyone asks the question. Everyone asked a question. Do you have already voice and always say now. This is kind of this voice but I did. When I was doing radio like a lot I would put a little more traction on my voice alright so like that. Suport won the new sad rebel radio coming at you live from Oxford Mississippi. He's kind of do that. Annoying voice I did it for walks out. That's what I thought but then I realized douchebag sound like so I decided. Stop doing that it later on in my career but I thought that that guy should interview this guy. So can that guy get the intro? Do you like how I'm an ASS. I used to do this all the time my shows I would ask someone a question like that but as if I had a producer that could do it for me but then I would be the one doing it all the time I used to do that. Can I get that intro? Real quick hold on. Yeah okay by the way when I say like yeah okay. That's as if I'm talking to someone in that room. There's no one else. They're just me buying time so I can get to this stupid thing. This is a wells cast with the walls atoms iheartradio podcast.

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