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Are brutally honest about their lives good for them makes them i guess more human more relatable but there's no way i'd ever i'd ever admit to something like this archie bradley of the arizona diamondbacks was getting ready to answer a game like right before i'm about to go in the game i pooped my pants i'm like oh my gosh like i know him a pitcher away from going in the game so i'm scrambling to clean myself up so he messed himself and was scrambling he said he had one pitcher one batter before he went in and was scrambling to clean himself up he wants to go he wants to go urinate and apparently there was a little bit a little bit more it was the most uncomfortable i've ever been on the mound and and i actually had a good ending ida cleaning and i walked out and i was like myself you had clean anybody's drawers were not clean right so obviously maybe you've listened to this show for a little time we've been doing it for almost ten years we're not gonna let something like this go oh no we we've got to capitalize on this this is quality entertainment if diamondbacks pitcher archery bradley admitted sawed myself we've gotta take phone calls of course what's the most opportune time that this happened to you we're gonna play the call from earlier it may be the funniest call we've ever had maybe all right take a listen this is gary okay and it happened to him gary you're phoenix where did it happen i was in outside sales like the other gentleman and i walked up to the counter and total eighty who i am and she said well she said it's gonna be a few minutes he's an a conference call i said okay you have a restroom because i had so i went over to the restroom and i'm standing there that's the urinal and i thought i had to just pass a little gas ended up being more than that and i can tell right away because i felt something running down my leg how so i was getting ready to walk to the sit down the toilet but somebody else come in and so i stood there and the guy come in you know in the urinal next to me and i'm just looking around and he goes away smells like oh yeah yeah i'm still and he goes over he starts coleman his hair would you get the hell out of here oh and i drop my trousers and i knew i was in trouble because there was a peace accord doc gordon well i was in trouble or my sock the core that's what it sounded like earlier today i do want to say one thing when he said the corn i closed my eyes okay because i thought my contacts we're gonna pop laughter i'm not kidding you i closed i closed my eyes i did not see that common no i don't neither kernel of corn on my sock that is sad and it's a good way to end the show this is how i like to listen if you never listen to mac and gaydos here's what you get we'll talk about the supreme court and anthony kennedy leaving what trump can do and then the very next segment are you crap yourself call in and tell us about it yeah we want to hear all right chad time for becky lynn story chad benson is next story it's great to.

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