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From ABC News. I'm Daria holding her nations worldwide are implementing new travel were rules, hoping to slow the spread of the South African covert 19 variant. The U. S travel industry that was asking the White House to Reese think a restriction this week, The CDC said it was studying the possibility of requiring a negative cove it test before somebody flies domestically in the U. S. Already on Monday, a new rule of a negative test went into place for anybody flying into the U. S from another country, now close to two dozen travel industry groups representing airlines, airports, pilots and travelers have written a letter together to the White House, pleading with the Biden administration not to implement such a rule domestically. They say. Already, There's sanitizing planes mask sir required, and HEPA filters are being used on board like stone. ABC Dares Johnson and Johnson says it's single Dose Cove in 19 vaccine appears to be effective at preventing the virus. Dr. Dan Bruce was one of the development of these vaccines appear to be safe and highly effective. And so right now the most important thing is for people to get vaccinated. I think it's less important about the the different pros and cons amongst the different vaccines Right now. We're in a situation where we need to protect lives. The company is expected to seek emergency use authorization soon. President Biden, making it clear his American rescue plan will be passed with or without bipartisan support. More members of a certain group charged in the deadly attack on the Capitol members of the proud boys, all right, white nationalist extremist group previously charged through a criminal complaint or now formally indicted by a federal grand jury with conspiracy. Dominic Pa's Ola of Rochester, New York, and William Peppy, a Beacon, New York federal agents who searched Pa's Olas. Home say they found a thumb drive with instructions for how to make homemade explosives, weapons and poison. Maybe sees Chuck secrets and stocks closed lower today. You're listening. To ABC News. News radio, 6 10 W, T V and Malice and Wiant. We've done all we can to make this simple for K through 12 staff to get vaccinated. They will be contacted by their local school district in central Ohio School's in Delaware and Franklin County will see their employees said to get their Corona virus vaccines the first week in February school employees and licking Morrow and Pickaway County. Zor, then set for the week of February. 8th and larger counties may take about two weeks to vaccinate most of their staff members. This plan That we have well while most of the K through 12 staff in a county to be vaccinated within seven days, Franklin County Public Health, meanwhile, says they're ready to administer their vaccines to residents over the age of 70. Franklin County residents wishing to register can do so by calling 6145 to 552 to five. Those vaccines will be administered next Thursday and Friday at the Franklin County Board of Elections on Morris Road. Police chief Thomas Quinlan stepped away this week after one year is head of the department. A nationwide search will now be launched to find a new leader. Columbus Mayor Andrew Ginther announced he had asked Quinlan to step down because he felt someone else was needed to implement reform and change within the department. I am very optimistic about our prospects because I think this community is demanding change in route One and will support our next chief as she or he leads it. Deputy Chief Mike Woods will serve as interim chief Wallace search is underway. As we expect to see snow this weekend, ODA crews will be out in full force, keeping the roads clear. The crews have been pre treating the interstate state and US routes with Brian for the past few days to get a head start on this storm. Ah, company jacket. Lead FBI agents to a white home man this week who took part in the capital riots. Troy Faulkner has now been charged in a federal court with destruction of government property, obstructing an official proceeding entering a restricted building and disrupting the orderly session of Congress. Video posted online allegedly shows him standing on a window sill of the Capitol building, smashing through that window on January 6th. It was the brown jacket with The Falconer painting staged on the back, complete with the company phone number that helped the FBI key in on his identity. I'm Alison Wyatt. The next news update Coming up in 30 minutes this summer opened up a world of possibilities for your high schooler. Georgetown University. Summer High School sessions lets your student experience college level studies while exploring.

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