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To keep the ball out of the hands of savior simpson wagner open the right way bribing as he catches harms trying to recover gets all the way to the rim and what is it in sweden you say that arms were the game turkey of cigarette as you i don't know that he has to say that we get a little bit of james dean hair little bit edwards in the corner drives a lost it taken away by charles thomas everett stretched too stupid back the backcourt credit child matthews recovered on the dribble handoff so the fourth turn over of the half four purdue michigan yet to turn the ball over xavier sensitive muhammed ali abdul last month right side mobile starts to go right matt harms harms's very frustrated he wears his emotions on his sleeve anyway but he got beat the last time to let them use closure the wagner her still try to take him off the dribble brian klein going to come in and hero place carson edwards supplying a catching 3point shooter in this team doesn't really have a shock creator but they have four likesized defenders which should in theory allow them to switch against michigan screening actually get harms can guard anybody stagers simpson with the dribble now gets the switch goes to work on dribbles akot off matt harms loose was on his own post it looked like it was off his foothood xavier simpson swift to me but the officials said it's michigan basketball and my talk it over which it and they will price the right paul from bobrovsky comes in and saw xavier simpson just moving too fast here for his own for his own dribble john beeline being restrained by his assistant coaches i'm not sure what he's upset about his ipods because i certainly thought it was on simpson's foot maybe he thinks there was a foul before that i'm not sure none the.

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