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Posting an oval office meeting for a foreign leader is an official act available only to one person the president of the United States and it is an official act the president trump had already offer to preserve presidents Lynskey during their first phone call on April twenty first and in a subsequent leader letter to the Ukrainian leader multiple witnesses testified about the importance of a White House meeting for Ukraine for example Deputy Assistant Secretary George can't explain that a White House meeting was very important for Ukrainians to demonstrate the strength of their relationship with Ukraine's strongest supporter Dr Fiona hill of the National Security Council explained a White House meeting would supply the new Ukrainian government with quote the legitimacy it needed especially vis a vis the Russians and that the crane is viewed a White House meeting as a recognition of their legitimacy as a sovereign state this White House meeting would also prove to be important for three hand pick agents who president trump place in charge of U. S. Ukraine issues ambassador Sunland ambassador Volker and energy secretary Rick Perry the so called three Amigos they hope to convince president trump to hold an oval office meeting with the Lynskey during a meeting of the three Amigos on may twenty third president trump told them that Ukraine and try to take him down in twenty sixteen he then directed them talked to Rudy Giuliani about Ukraine it was immediately clear that Giuliani who is pursuing the discredit investigations in Ukraine on the president's behalf was the key to unlocking an oval office meeting for president Zelinsky Giuliani by then had said publicly that he was actively pursuing investigations president trump corruptly desired and planning a trip to Ukraine Giuliani admitted quote we're not meddling in an election were meddling in an investigation on may ten however Giuliani canceled the trip to Ukraine to dig up dirt on former vice president Biden and the twenty sixteen conspiracy theory justice presence Lynskey won elections for the presidency and parliament faced with the choice between working with Giuliani to pursue an oval office meeting understanding it meant taking part in a corrupt effort to secure the political investigations or abandoning efforts to support our Ukrainian ally the president's agents fell into line they would pursue the White House meeting and explain to Ukraine that announcements of investigations was the price of admission as ambassador Solomon made clear I know that members of this committee frequently frame these complicated issues in the form of a simple question was there a quid pro quo as I testified previously with regard to the requested White House call in the White House meeting the answer is yes this quiproquo was negotiated between the president's agents Rudy Giuliani and Ukrainian officials throughout the summer of twenty nineteen in numerous telephone calls text messages in meetings including during a meeting hosted by then national security adviser John Bolton on July tenth near the end of that July tenth meeting after the cranes again raise the issue of a White House visit ambassador Simon blurted out that there would be agreement for a White House meeting once the investigations began at that point Bolton immediately Stephan and abruptly ended the meeting during a subsequent discussion that days on and was even more explicit lieutenant colonel Alex of in many a director for Europe and Ukraine on the National Security Council testified that solid began to discuss the deliverable required to get the White House meeting with someone specifically mention was investigation of the bidens this is again in that meeting in the White House with Ukrainian of Ukrainian delegation and an American delegation someone explained in that meeting had an agreement with acting chief of staff Mick Mulvaney whereby presents a Lynskey would be granted the oval office meeting if he went forward with the investigations after the meeting Veneman's supervisor doctor hill reported back to Bolton who told her to tell John Eisenberg the National Security Council legal adviser that he was not part of whatever drug deals online and moving your cooking up on this she reported her concerns as did Veneman it remains unclear what action if any Bolton or Eisenberg took once they were made aware of Mulvaney and Simon's drug deal both refused to testify in our inquiry however doctor hill testified that she understood that Mr Eisenberg informed Mr simple Loni of her concerns about the drug deal if this body is serious about a fair trial one is fair to the president and to the American people we again urge you to allow the house to call both Eisenberg and Bolton as well as other key witnesses with first hand knowledge who refused to testify before the house on the orders of the president additional testimony and documents are particularly important because according to sign one everyone was in the loop when it came to the president's self serving effort in part relying on email excerpts someone explain to the present senior aides and cabinet officials knew that the White House meeting was predicated on Ukraine's announcement of the investigations beneficial to the president's political campaign hill characterize the quid pro quo so simply but it struck me one yesterday when you put up on the screen ambassador someone's emails on who was all these emails and he said these the people need to know that he was absolutely right because he was being involved in a domestic political event and we were being involved in national security foreign policy on those two things have just affects in fact presents Lynskey was being drawn into this domestic political errant he grew wary of becoming involved in another country's election and domestic affairs bill Taylor the acting US ambassador to Ukraine at the time describe a conversation he had with a senior aide to the Ukrainian leader he said also on July twentieth I had a phone conversation with Alexander done a little presidents Lansky's National City security adviser who emphasize the Prez's Lynskey did not want to be used as an instrument and a U. S. reelection campaign remember that conversation when you hear counsel say that the Ukrainians felt no pressure to be involved in the U. S. reelection campaign but that concern did not deter president trump in this conversation was someone short before shortly before the twenty fifth of July call the president made clear that he not only wanted Ukraine to do the investigations or announce them but also a White House meeting would only be scheduled if presence Lynskey confirmed these investigations as Voelker communicated to presence Lansky's top aide by text less than thirty minutes before the phone call between trump and sold in ski and again we're talking about July twenty fifth in a text thirty minutes before the trump Zielinski phone call here's what is said with Voelker texting under your market top aide to president salen ski good lunch thanks heard from White House assuming present Z. convinces Trumpy will investigate quote get to the bottom of what happened on quote in twenty sixteen we will nail down day for a visit to Washington good luck see you tomorrow Kurt well that those which can be much clearer so many presidents Z. convinces trump he will investigate get to the bottom of what happened in twenty sixteen we'll nail down a visit to Washington that's a text for thirty minutes before that call counsel for the present like you think this is just about that call you don't get to look outside the four corners of that call they don't want you look at the months that went into preparing for that call for the months of pressure that followed it but you can just look at right now what have the thirty minutes before that call in this text message heard from White House soon presence he convinces Trumpy will investigate get to the bottom what happened in twenty sixteen if you were wondering how it seems that presents a Lynskey was aware of what he was going to be asked on that call this is how you can tell he was prepped courses print and in fact to the the missing reference in the call wrecked tuberous month was a signal colonel women recognized that clearly had been prepared for that call why else would the name of this particular energy company come up in that conversation well presents Lynskey clearly got the message toward the end of the call with president trump presence Lynskey said I also want to thank you for your invitation to visit the United States specifically Washington DC on the other hand I also want to insure you wanted to assure you that we will be very serious about the case and we will work on the investigation thank you for the invitation on the other hand I want to assure you that we will be very serious about the case and we'll work on the investigation presidents Lynskey clearly understood the quid pro quo for the White House meeting on July twenty fifth but his reticence to be used as a political pawn kept president trump for moving forward with a promise to schedule a meeting and so the president and his agents pressed on in August Giuliani met with a top Ukrainian aid and made it clear that Ukraine must issue a public statement announcing investigations in order to get the White House meeting fearful of getting involved in US domestic politics and having entered office with the promise to clean up government and corruption presence Lansky and his aides preferred a generic statement about investigations but Giuliani insisted no the statement must include two specific investigations that would benefit president trump let's look at a comparison between the statement Ukrainians preferred and the one that Giuliani required so on the left and I will read in case you can't see the screens the draft the Aramark draft you cranium draft says we intend to initiate and complete a transparent and unbiased investigation of all available facts in episodes which in turn will prevent the recurrence of this problem in the future that's pretty generic but here's the Giuliani Volker song learned response this is what had to be included we intend to initiate and complete a transparent and unbiased investigation of all available facts and episodes up to that point is exactly the same until you get to including those involving burgers ma and the twenty sixteen U. S. elections and it goes back to the Ukrainian draft which in turn will prevent the recurrence of this problem the future you can see in this such graphic evidence Ukrainians did not want to do this they didn't even want to mention this Julian had to insist no no no we're not gonna be satisfied with some generic statement after all I think we can see this isn't about corruption no this is about announcing investigations to damage biting and to promote this fiction about the last election so here on these tax you see the Giuliani focus on one of added these references to birth is not a thinly veiled reference to former vice president Biden and the twenty sixteen election they wish to insure the Ukrainians mentioned the sham investigations president trump required now the craze recoiled at the new statement recognizing that releasing it would run directly counter to the anti corruption platform that's Lynskey campaigned on in Windham broil them in U. S. election politics as a result so lets you didn't get is what has been he still hasn't gotten his White House meeting senators witness testimony text messages emails and a call record itself confirm a corrupt quid pro quo for the White House meeting an official act available only to the present United States in exchange for the announcement of political investigations the president is allies have offered no explanation for this effort except the president can abuses office all he likes and there's nothing you can do about can't indict him can't impeach that is because they cannot seriously dispute doesn't trump corruptly Houston the official White House visit for a foreign leader to compel the Ukrainian president into helping him cheat in the next election the White House meeting of course was not the only official act that present from condition on the announcement investigations into Biden and the conspiracy theory meant to exonerate president trump from Russians interference on his behalf in the last election in a far more draconian step as we have discussed the present with held three hundred ninety one million dollars the military aid several weeks before this phone call with president salen ski but after Giuliani was already pressing Ukrainian officials to conduct the investigations his clients sought president trump order the hold on Ukraine's military aid significantly this was after Congress had already been notified that most of it was prepared to be spent Ukraine had met all of the critical conditions for anti corruption and defense reforms in order to receive the funds we condition of on this they met the conditions the funds were ready to go at the time and even today witnesses uniformly testified that the order to hold the funding came without explanation to the foreign policy and national security officials responsible for you crime the only message from.

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