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New York to battle ST John's Savior, had its three game winning streak snapped with the 80 to 72 Setback versus Yukon On Sunday. It marked on Lee. Their second game played in the last 30 days coming up there. Second extended break of the season, The Musketeers looked a little gas did times understandably, with only two full practice in the practices in the last 14 daybreak. But that's big college basketball in this cove. It's season. Joe. They also had some issues with their defense. They gave up 80 points, yielding 11 May 3 pointers. Versus the husky, So hopefully the must. Tears can get back into a rhythm gain some momentum as they try to finish out the rest of the season because there are only six regular season games left. Not including the games that were postponed. Remember these two teams played once this year? Already back on January 6 that was here at Santa's Centers? Savior won that game 69 to 61. But since that times time, ST Johnson's place a very good basketball they have. ST John's is 16 out their last seven. Very they have not played for week. Xavier's one the last 1 12 meetings between these two teams, So you better believe that they're waiting for the Musketeers in New York and ready tow exact some some revenge on the Musketeers. Joe going back to that game. On the the sixth Xavier 1 69 to 61 in their first match up Joe in that game, Xavier did not make a three pointer. They were over 12. And they committed 19 turnovers yet still found a way to win. So hopefully Xavier will be a little bit better overweight, You know, over overall and just play better basketball against ST John's, because they're definitely playing with a lot of confidence in Beijing. Shaver didn't make a three pointer that ballgame Baron of the six Best three point shooters in the league percentage Wise four will be on the court tonight. Dave Johnson for The Musketeers is at 47% Biggie's played Greg Williams for ST John's 46% Paul Scruggs Musketeer 46 Julien, champion of the Bleeding score. In the Big East. He's at 46%. So there's some guys on the floor tonight that can really let it up from deep Joe. It was. It was a strange game in their first match up because Avery didn't get anything from Paul Scruggs, or exact Freeman of their two leading scorers instead. They were led by Cobi Jones. Also, Jason Carter had a big game as well as Dewan Oldham, guano Adam and Jason Carter. Joe. That was the last time those guys scored in double figures so Hopefully, you know, they could have some repeat performances as well as Paul Scrubs, and Zach Freeman will get backed up the plane to the standard that we're used to seeing that one about the musketeers coming off that Covert break down here. That may be a practice and a half before that took on Yukon and my pain, they say seen below gasses. You said, How did they get it back with his two practices before they're tested by ST John's? Yeah, Joe, it's It's tough. Um, one of the ways he get back is by playing games and they did get that that game underneath their belt against you kind. They lost 80 to 72. Um, Paul Scruggs. I thought play too many minutes in that game, 36 minutes. I think what he would coach needs to do is toe. He's gotta trust his bench a little bit more here and Maybe play play a little bit more guys play little go deeper into his bench than he normally would. With with the season winding down, usually at this point of the season, you know the rotations air set, but this has been such a fluid year, Joe relative to guys being injured. You know, guys coming off Cove it as they were still will not be 100%. In this game tonight. Brian Brian Griffin is going to be out with his second game, so Xavier is very different than they were when they played against ST John's. Back on the six. They also have been Stanley, who has subsequently tourney up his knee and is out for the season. So you know that those are two pieces that Xavier's gonna miss big time and Griffin and standing When you're playing against a new Open court team, like ST John said, just kind of makes you make place. The Xavier Musketeers are 11 and 34 and three in the Big East, the ST John University Red Storm 13 8877 and Big East play. This is Ukraine. Pregame show when you're listening to save your basketball from where Field I am Jay College on 700 wlw. Some.

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