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Fifty five mile an hour sustained winds just two short of a category. Five storm. We'll have a live report coming up in just a moment. There's also a big selloff on Wall Street with the Dow down more than three hundred point sits down three hundred sixty six points at the moment, and the NASDAQ is down one hundred and forty two points and the s&p five hundred is down forty points. We'll have more on that coming up in Bloomberg business. WBZ news time as I said is one forty nine. The hurricane has made landfall. The governor Rick Scott has said this is the most severe storm to hit the Florida panhandle in one hundred years. We now get the very latest on the storm from CBS news. News CBS news special report hurricane Michael has made landfall as a category. Four storm near Mexico beach. Florida CBS news, weather producer, David Parkinson's is a catastrophic hurricane there's nothing potential about. This storm is going to cause a loss of property is going to cause a loss of life wins have reached one hundred fifty five miles per hour. With a storm surge up to fourteen feet a warning from FEMA administrator rock long those who stick around to experience storm surge don't typically live to tell about it. Unfortunately, and correspondent Manuel Bojorquez we're already getting reports of power outages in the Tallahassee area. We spoke with the municipal power company earlier today, they told us usually they have about one hundred twenty people working today. They have six hundred people standing by Georgia also bracing for a category. One hurricane. Michael governor Nathan deal is not going to be a simple walk away from it with no damage is going to be a serious damage. CBS news special report, I'm Steve. Dorsey and WBZ news time is one fifty one. Stay tuned to WBZ as we continue to follow the situation in Florida Republican governor Charlie Baker in underdog democratic challenger j Gonzalez squared off in the first of three scheduled televised debates last night at the WBZ studios. The WBZ TV studios that is the debate was heard here on WBZ NewsRadio. And also televised on my TV thirty eight WSB K one topic a Gonzales proposal to raise revenue from the state as we hear from WBZ's. Ben Parker Zala says he's honest about asking the wealthy to pay more in taxes, and that is revenue proposals been met with enthusiasm of the campaign trail one of those taxes would be on endowments at the state's wealthiest colleges. Something that governor criticized why we would take five hundred sixty five million dollars away from Harvard. Two hundred million dollars away from MIT and very significant numbers away from other colleges and universities here in Massachusetts that use that money. To fund the very kids. We're supposed to be interested in seeing get an education. Just doesn't make any sense to me Gonzales, though, says his proposal is fair and would raise a billion dollars to get started on a gender items and the schools could handle it based on the average rate annual rate of growth of these endowments over the last fifteen years they can afford this tax do everything they do today and their dominance will still grow. Ben Parker WBZ NewsRadio ten thirty. The next debate scheduled for a job or seventeen WBZ news time one fifty two WBZ.

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