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I think they got sidetracked by the crocodile. Parts g and he was part on a Metron IX part like, and then I didn't eat Basie Ed. The hold bullshit is what the MO. The biggest thing that was just. So then they started was funny how they brought. They marketed Dennis Harter show are some side of the scaredy to which is not what it is. It's just ridi ri- I remember coming across the script. It was the first thing. The second in the well. An American project that I did because it was filmed and found Couve. America lutely. Supposed to be many. I think David kind of got a little has been trying to work in Maine for years. You know, he kind of got up. There gives writing nobody go. Because he wasn't work from home. Brickley wry sardonic. Funny as hell. Script. I remember readers. That's where the writers have gone. That's where they wear the hidings as the fifties. It was like just the dialogue was just so. Just gonna kick out of every syllable of it. Yeah. Had you been touched with him and all these years? Trying to kind of availabilities and things. I thought as he was doing his TV thing book to be honest. Like as I say, I was kinda, I didn't read from film. Yeah, I didn't trust TV in the sense that a lot of the time it was just second rate film. That's what it was, and then it starts to change. And then it ultimately changed. I think it has really changed, but I do still think that those. Danger of getting fast and loose with the writing in TV's. It's so difficult to sustain a long TV series and almost up its nature. You know, how do you stay original series after series. So this was a limited thing. This kind of it's based on this statement, king books, which of which star three with this particular character in them. So I said, okay, happy days. I don't have. I don't have to sign up for six or seven years or something because I'm too old. I don't one pint of dates be, oh, that wasn't picked up before the milch thing, which I just thought it was going to be really grace money, the money it was called and I really enjoyed doing that by it when it wasn't picked up disappointed and another way I was kind of saying, okay, you know, dodge bullets. Seriously, like it's too long for me. It's. Turns into six or seven years, which the first two might be great, but who knows? Yeah, ballot or four. And then where are you at better? I mean, you know, the thing is you're, you're saying the potential is here for that. Yeah. But then when everybody feeds that they have it figured out the biggest problem with people's when they they need to have figured out. That's when they start out some questions white. Why? Why do we need here? Could we not just do that for a little bit for deterement? We don't actually need that. I mean, I saw that in theaters, those particular guy starts theater with he amazing things and Dublin with them. You know, the the people type stuff. He brought fantastically allergy when I before I went full time, I was doing full shows in front Tarzan hundred people for ten week extensions because this guy had settled this organization that he wrote plays for people who live in the suburbs. Nobody writes about this overs. They write about s- inner city. Heart Shaw's in there and they, they used to write about the country people, but most people live in the summers, and this guy was a time of. You know, unemployment and stuff as bad timing armed at time in the eighties, and he wrote all these plays at spoke directly to that where hilariously funny, hugely entertaining, very TI. And then he went down on the side of spreading all these complimentary tickets into dole offices into social welfare places. And Pete, we commonly would never go to eater and they saw their own is reflected Innis and it became a fantastic sort of a movement, you know. But I remember at one stage, the arts council tried to get involved and they say, why did you let us help you? And you can do bigger and better projects, and that happened for a year. And then the second year they started questioning the model. Why are you giving away these tickets?.

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