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It's like we had nothing by Just to access lades doing nothing like that and we went ahead. We took a chance. We bought a machine with live tooling. And what do you know. I mean another. They've we bought our next machine. Her next live tooling machine came and it goes about two thousand fourteen five years later. Our next live tool machine game in three years after that we bought another live to gene. That you never been you sell them actually go. I've been wanting this machine for a while. I've had my eye on it. I'm just gonna go get it and spec on it. Because i could see the right job coming along for this. Do you ever do that or not. I i be for for me in my shoes. I being more likely to do it. If i had more town on my floor where i could you know you take out a new machine that you don't know anything about and someone some brain in your shops going to have to dive into that machine. It would if you do not have the knowledge of that machine. All hack gap. Yeah absolutely. I mean within reason here for money okay. I wouldn't go out and buy a million dollar a sheen no way. I probably take a look at like the used market. Like what you guys have here all these machines you have here. You've got some machines that l. for what you're selling enforce it's a pretty good value for a shop to take those in in in spend the time to learn the machine and upgrade their company versus going out buying a brand new machine aversion of of one of those machines. Out there that you know. We're not a big business. So you take you go out and spend two three hundred thousand dollars machine. That's aw that's a chunk of change over company our size like ram bishen. We don't have the ambition where we wanna be deal in that arena of million dollar machines. We don't want we don't want to be in hydra masson behold lease and making millions of something. We just don't want anything to do with that. Some people do so people do really well added. They're good at it but look at it in our company and in who we are what we do rally not what we wanna do so you consider yourself sort of right in the middle area that that sweet spot for you is not super sophisticated. Not down dirty. Something that requires experience reliability.

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