Gander Mountain, Richard, Harvey Weinstein discussed on The John McCulloch Show


Capital flow radio acres good closed its doors you say gander mountain one under pardon me did you chuckle did you say gander mountain went under yeah gained a mountain out there uh i uh closest doors on gonna assist oh also goes the people it so how on discretionary and com ma you don't go to restaurants is lunch so we can post books close on equal idiot the logic and author what's going on so why is it them in your opinion richard that when we talk about something like this uh we get a little bit of action on it you know some people want to want to talk about at some people want to disagree with it some people want to discuss a but for the most part it's not as sexy i guess uh no pun intended as talking about harvey weinstein or some of the other things we we could be talking about when it comes to tax cuts and it's so important so vital to the economy so vital to each person listening to the broadcast why is it that you think that they don't get all worked up above that whoa burgers bring her out dear john i laughed and i don't want to sound the crew kusir we don't have any army everyone on record out uh uh rich for our our or our hosan everybody down girl were idle colonel you know earned on koa ricardo oh we're gonna start working for a liver or or for a living arnold look oklahoma defeat for.

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