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Cruz. Then serpents go just goes oh rip. Chaos project twenty twenty two twenty twenty one lead the memories alone. Leave them memories alone are. Let's get your heels in baby faces of this week. Who wants to start with some bullshit. Do you want like endearing bullshit. They like eventually ends on a high note or like Let's start with blake's we've already talked about the positive impact of bad bernie why we talk about the negative impact of the rap world on pro wrestling this week. Indeed which is great because it comes it all comes back to bed bunny in the end on a positive note so Do remember souljah boy. Because i bet you didn't know that he was a real person and that was a real song because it was a one hit wonder and he sought being relevant after that so anyway soldier boy tweeted out just a shit about wrestling being fake and how wrestling was fake. And we all know how this story goes. Somebody comes out says wrestling. It's fake wrestlers. Come out and say no actually fuck you. Why is it wrestling when literally. Every tv show is fake by your definition of fake. The shit we do to our bodies isn't fake that we put in our lives on the line. Eight fake what. I did not expect to wake up to a feud between randall keith. Thornton and the soldier boy not expect that to be allies started my morning. Fake as randy. Orton said there this prick to step up. He don't like moving movies. Consider us actors do stunts without pads two hundred days a year. And don't bitch when we get surgically repaired and cover right back. Consider us a hundred times tougher than anyone you've come across ain't nothing but a bitch. I love when randy goes hood. Love it more than anything in the world. When randall the forty four year old i could occasion father of two just to go hood on twitter for view l. By the way at soldier boys original original tweet was rat game faker than wwe so call and wwe out specifically to. Its tibor.

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