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Roadshow seventy calm you into the week in the slightest not going to make you stay up really late. Worried about nuclear armageddon This is a new six series. That's just started on bbc one. It was on during the bank holiday weekend and it's on the creators of linux juicy executive produced by a production company called well productions. Who are known for doing incredibly tense. Frizz such body bodyguard which was a huge hits back in two thousand eighteen. And the reason why. I'm interested in this. This show is for two reasons. Really one is that it's a brilliant tents frailer. I mean really. Is it stars. Sharan jones and martin constant on a nuclear submarine and sean jones's character is to go and investigate a mysterious death of some of the onboard. This nuclear submarine as what is the disappearance of a scottish fishing trawler and is like a police procedural but it's on its head in a way because the fact that Because it has nuclear weapons on. It can't go back to the surface means that she's essentially the detective is cut off from the mainland. Cut off from the rest of her team and in the same way that line of duty which was a huge british hit. And there's a lot of anticipation about whether they'll be another series Look a not drama. Look at police corruption. This one looks at the relationship between the police who are in this drama or at least try to have transparency in trying to ensure that justice done versus the need of the military who might want to keep things hush hush in the needs of national security. But the second reason why. I'm a big fan of this as well is the first one being that it's incredibly. Well plotted it's an edge of your seat. Is the facts that it comes at time. Bush drama where. We're having a rise of these sort of events style. Tv shows where you have to watch it live. You have to feel like part of a national moment partially because you don't want to have spoilers but also because there's something in the joy of collective viewing and you only have to look at the viewing figures lawn duty which was on in the spring of twenty twenty one has twelve point eight million viewers. Which is some of the highest drama ratings that we've seen on any british channel for twenty years and that's at time of course.

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