Five Hundred Twenty Three Dollars, One Dollar discussed on The Bill Simmons Podcast


Okay okay how many people you follow probably i don't know maybe five hundred in probably two thirds of the muted at this point anyone talks about trump but muted okay exactly you have some followers you if you have five hundred twenty three you need to pay five hundred twenty three dollars a year it's a one dollar a year i like l someone i like hired i like who yeah what would do is it would stop people from just so it would it would it would almost be like controlling wildfires right because i know that there are tons of people who follow foll someone like me or whatever so only in the hope that i will tweet something stupid yet or that i will i will someway put myself in a position you know it's like or they just don't care i mean because you know the the driving force behind so much of the internet are people who are engaged but not invested like they're engaged with culture but they have no investment not like buying a magazine or buying a book or watching television and things marshall everything on the unit is free part of the reason why i don't i don't enjoy writing you know stories on the internet is because i know the overwhelming jordi of people who read these stories don't give at all about it just happened to come up in their feed they have no you know you know they have no they don't care not interested in the idea that they have no desire sort of sort of your out with the id they just there may make that's how most the stories iryh are just things like oh but you people are talking about this i guess what is this highly was it story about the guy you know who you know disengaged from the internet i didn't find that my own it was like i woke up seventeen people that are talked about it so it was like what is this right i read this story so but the thing is that you had to pay a dollar to follow someone it would stop people from being like now i just followed whoever i just do it you know it would make people say well.

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