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Their leadership. More than anything else. That had happened so like anything that. Happened after that if the men were like oh that's the. Right thing you should do man I'm not sure that's the, right branching they had to remember wait a minute at the key. Moment all of us thought the captains. Were wrong captains were. Right and we have better deferred, to them because they are better trained they know more wiser than we are that's why they're captains and so this probably was a if you're if you're doing a book on leadership rules from Lewis Clark being right and being confirmed, in your rightness when everyone else. Thinks you're doing the wrong thing is a tremendous asset to any leaders There are five falls in central Montana at great falls there's the main one and this is the one that Lewis is talking about a and for others all impressive So. He grandma's down to, the falls which is about ninety feet vertical much wider and he takes out. A notebook And writes, out a description of the balls A couple, of thousand words like it's mostly geographic scientific but partly. It's in a well-worn literary tradition of subliminally he's probably basing, this on what he's read in MacKenzie's. Journals the journals of captain cook and others so is self consciously trying to wind himself up to produce Magnificent description he says all, the right thing this has been hidden. From the eyes of civilized man from the beginning of time That he is the eyes and ears of the enlightenment here that the. First impression that he brings back to the civilized world will help to set the tone for its understanding of this extraordinary. Plays and. Then he, realizes that he's not. Equal to the task.

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