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They're perfectly fine, won the division last year, but the expectations were, I thought, eagles. We're gonna win this game and they just looked terrible from start to finish. I say no Jordan in well, yeah. Premium to shackle them a little bit. Yeah. The Redskins twentieth in the NFL in rushing yards per game coming into the game, and I think they put up like two thirty or something like that. So it's got like mad shell, and so I think plays into some of the strengths of your middle defense. You would think so. Fletcher conscious playing her at Bennie. Logan got her during the game, but still, I like boa Allen is the third defensive tackle, so I'm not too worried about that. What killed the team ironically was was the back the back scores on non-offensive drives when they they got to kick return touchdown by window Smallwood who I like quite a bit actually end. I think he could turn into a film player and then they come back on the next possession and they get into the pick six interception from Jenkins who was on my fantasy bench last week, but that just left the eagles defense on the field forever against this Redskins offense that is pounding the bowl through the running game, and it's just more him down to a point where they never came back from it. I will say there was a little bit of a concern coaching wise because if I'm watching my team, get gutted like this, I'm thinking with call timeout. Let's get these guys break. Let's let's figure this out. Why were there? No. Amounts called in the first half. When all of this is going on by Peterson, I thought that was a little bit of curious move. But yeah, you can't. You know, not counting a, you know, a kneel down at the end of the first half, you can't let the the opposing offense run thirty, four consecutive offensive plays that's gonna kill your defense. Yeah, that's a prize. Interesting ups and downs of the season. You get the divisional rival. Then those pretty well, it's always stuff. But yeah, that's weird. I mean, it sounds, it's interesting. You bring up the time how come. Get to me more of a basketball, stopping them. As it's going on you, but the defensive break. Yeah, yes. No, no question. I mean, it makes sense. I haven't really seen something like that. We're one team it's been on for so long consecutively and not really gotten a breather. So it sounds like it's just sort of spun out of control. Sometimes you get those gaming scripts game flow issues. And that's, that's probably the most frustrating thing because you're not sure if it's something you know in your team or if it's if it's, you know a one off and you're just kind of cash it in his, you know, a one time deal. So I mean, it's that's frustrating. Any losses frustrating Yulia sixteen Abe's presumably you old purview more obviously, but like that's that's a tough way to go. Especially the division and not to mention that this is the second second eagles have given up more has had more than ten times as in giving them more than one hundred ten yards penalty yards. You're not gonna win games like that. Let me ask you something. So, you know, we were talking about Doug Peterson earlier and he looks really hot candidate and. It's rare that you see the offensive coordinator get hired to be that coach about being play caller. He was under Andy Reid, and then obviously became the coaching play caller in Philadelphia. So what didn't you? What do you think?.

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