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The rate of vaccinations with the 10 o'clock report. Ricky you Chino Breaking now The major push continues here in the United States to get younger people vaccinated for covert 19, Missouri, a Kansas City hospital system has had to open a second ICU because of a crush of patients, most of them between 30 and 50 doctors. They're pleading for people to get the vaccine officials or even zeroing in on teenagers holding team centered vaccine clinics, and the FDA could authorize the Visor vaccine for kids 12 to 15 in the coming days. But in spite of extensive testing and a medical consensus, the vaccines are safe. Some young people still aren't sold. That is a B C's Trevor Ault. As it stands right now, nearly 56% of American adults have had at least one covert shot so far, but the pace of people getting vaccinated is slowing. Now the latest traffic and weather together right now, 71 North bound that Stewart, you have the left lane blocked ID road repairs, and that's causing a bit of a delay. As you try to head north there on I 71 also starting to see a bit of a backup now. 71 75 North bound as you trying to get across the Brent Spence Bridge did all the work that's going on. On the bridge. Now, the latest forecast from the advanced Industry Weather Center are you afraid of the dentist at advanced industry? We get it toe learn more about how I V sedation can change your life visit. No fear. Dentist Don Kam After a picture Perfect first half of the weekend will actually see warmer temperatures today. Highs today will reach into the upper seventies and we'll start with mostly sunny skies,.

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