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Stop stop. No, you can't. I do arrive on wrapping badge. Joe piscopo? I'd like to thank you for coming to the show. I was born a white, but I'd like to wrap black hope you don't mind if some folks a heart attack white men should not rap and he's got to stop it right there. I think including myself Maria. It's about a you can't, you know, but Maria there's so much to make fun of I would love to see that, you know, the what's happening with the mullet probe. And I know we're on a time constraint here, but you've been covering. It's so great on Sunday mornings on mornings with Maria this Muller. Let it go. And with Trey Goudy was on your show yesterday. He was right. It's flawed. The whole report is flawed. This shouldn't even been a report and Lindsey Graham gotta go after everybody, but on but on SNL, they should address at least address that. And exactly why it's flawed. It's like the three stooges the Democrats are like the three stooges. Hey, there's no collusion. Hey. No collusion. I'll give you control your knucklehead, it's like a joke anymore, and I don't know what to make of it. Yeah. But it wasn't a joke for two years that they tried to undermine this president. I've got with me this morning. Governor Huckabee lists peak and Susan Ray, what do you say that this? Well, Joe, I think a Saturday Night Live leave some of the old characters they used to have if not always new ones, it seems like all they do. He's just some sort of snarky humor. But they're losing that sense of bringing in totally interesting characters that are just plain funny. You think we're ever going to see that again at us at at governor. I I watch and read your tweets a governor Huckabee, you're pretty funny guy. Bet you walk the line. Maybe they need you to write over there. Saturday Night Live, sir. Tell him. I'm ready. Governor to I talked to Maria last week about this Adam Schiff this guy with the eyes and now pencil neck shift with the I mean, you can't make this up. That is funny. There's so many great characters on the other side that they should make fun of you know, and and they they let Joe Biden go get away with it this weekend and out that I would love to have seen. Yeah. Well, I mean, that's the thing. I mean, there's it's only at the president's expenses nothing. I mean, you're right. There could have been a great a great one episode that fighting, but they stayed away from it. And guys if I may I've said this before I said, I'll say it again, I think that the president it would be so awesome. But President Trump reached out SNL brought the cast down the way. Ronald Reagan invited me down to the White House. I know I'm dreaming here. But you know, what it it's funny. It's funny, but it's time just to join together here because the president is doing a great job. But this is for everybody supports President Trump. The good news is if you keep doing this and not giving a fair and balanced comedy overview of President Trump. He's gonna walk away with this in twenty twenty Maria. Writing before you go. Well, well, Joe, you know, you were very funny, please I'm watching down. I'm watching down on you. You're a you're a good good guitar from New Jersey, and he pretty much told me that when they met up the gipper. Congratulations berea. All right. We breakaway. Thanks so much guys. Seven fifty six we're going to Joe lumbergh right now Joe is with a good morning. How you doing this morning? Harry, you could just doing a TV hit with Maria and governor Huckabee like governor Huckabee, very funny guy. He is funny. I watch I read is tweeted, he's very very funny. Hey, joe. How are we doing weatherwise? It's really good say what? Now, it's a dry sense of humor. Very Arkansas Arkansas, you didn't know people from Arkansas gonna be funny. Did you pay.

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