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Care if it's on both sides. I don't care if it's on one side. Put that aside. All that BS and it's John Brooks right now. You need to facilitate something for John Brooks to come back into the organization into this program and you get fast track them because he could be your starter or he could be a very important cog or a very important piece come World Cup time. You no longer have the luxury of just saying talented players are out the window. Couple quick questions here for you, herc. Who is in the driver's seat to pair with Zimmerman from the list that I'm looking at? Is it Chris Richards? Yes, this is Chris Richards. It's Chris Richards and you can slice up Mark McKenzie and Aaron long there four and 5 however you want Kramer Carter Vickers in. You can put Eric Palmer Brown. You can put in a map miyazu, whatever you want, I don't care. Okay? It's one, two, three right now that I am worried about. All that other stuff is subjective and people love to break them down and love to do the power rankings of whatever. I don't care. Concentrate on one, two, three, because those are gonna be the ones who are gonna be your main cogs or most important players come World Cup time. You already have a situation where you don't know who you're 9 is. Or they have a situation where you don't probably know who your goalkeeper is. Now it's the center back tandem. U.S. mustache fans can't catch a break. Another quick question here, because the reality is that John Brooks, whether you want him in or not, may not be under consideration. It might not be in this list. So if you had to take Brooks out and I'll give you some I'll give you some options here for who you can replace them with other guys that have been in or around the pool. Who's getting that 5th and last spot in your top 5. You got names like Eric Palmer Brown. You got Cameron Carter Vickers, who I think you mentioned. Somebody like Tim ream, who like it or not, will be a Premier League player next year. He just got re upped at Fulham. Probably a Cameron Carter Vickers or Matt miazga would be my two guys, but why are you trying to take John Brooks outside? Why don't you like about John Brooks Seb? No, it's nothing that I don't like about John Brooks. I'm just looking at the reality of what the national team manager has not just done. Let's look at the reality of those things. With his call ups, but what he said, he just told us a week ago. Dropping like flies. That is the reality. The only context we need here. He just told us a week ago, he would rather take a look at Cameron Carter Vickers than John Brooks. Look, we will leave the center back discussion for now. Let's talk about the surface herc on which miles on which miles Robinson was injured on Saturday. That artificial turf at Mercedes Benz stadium in Atlanta. And as I mentioned, it's not the first time that we've seen it, either on turf in MLS, this past week we saw it in Seattle with Joe Paolo or specifically in Atlanta. We saw it not in Achilles, but a knee injury with Brad guzan earlier this year. It was Achilles. Okay, how big of a problem hurt? How big of a problem is turf for Major League Soccer? It's a, it's a huge problem because perception is something that Major League.

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