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And I think you know we need Good people like that. They know how to work among Democrats and across the aisle, and I think that he would be someone like that also, and at this point since we're talking about Senate and the Congressional Xishan ask you what's at stake. If the Democrats get complete control in Washington, Biden winds and the dam's take both the House, keep the House and flipped the Senate. Tim. What's at stake their well, Bill. I don't think that's going to happen. First of all, I think we'll keep the Senate for the House will probably still be in the hands of of the Democrats. I think the president will win. But if If they don't I fear for our country. I think that we will go down to a A. We know that Kamala Harris is a very left wing. Will it be a very left wing vice president and take us very far to the left? Even Biden said at 11 of his stops recently. I know he doesn't make many, but one of the stops recently, he said. It's the Harris Biden campaign. And if it moves to the far left is Kamala Harris says You're going to see definitely. Ah, increased number of people. Maybe you want to call it packing the court but increased number of people on the Supreme Court. You're going to see statehood for D C in Puerto Rico to add four more Democrat senators and you're going to see huge tax increases for the people of our country. And I'm very concerned also about foreign policy Bill. I mean the president through his son. Is compromised in foreign policy on I don't believe that he will stand up to China or Russia because he and his family have profited so much from them. Over the last few years. Now, many people are saying that that's not true. But that is in the hands of the FBI and the Senate right now, and everything that we're hearing is true. Unlike what we heard for 3.5 years of the Russia hoax In the Trump campaign about this, robin. What if you Democrats run the table in Washington? I would be so happy to get something done. We had not not much done As I said, even when we passed my partisan build. Mitch McConnell has not called those bills. We can do more in the healthcare arena. We can bring the economy back. On speaking of making money off of a position my goodness, President Trump never turned in a taxi and had made much money off of his hotels that foreign leaders say at and I met with people like me from other countries, and Trump is not a popular guy. Trust me and It'll be nice not to have someone that support white. The premises and Ah is a racist himself leading this country That's not with this country is about, but we'll be able to get something done finally, and there are too many people that Republican seats that are red to blue as he called them. So when people keep saying we're going to go left That is certainly not true that it's certainly not what we will do things for the people and what the people need. But giving us that that is for the talking point. We're talking about what state also to you that the Democrats are using talking points there. There. Dog whistles are anti Semite. Racist. Donald Trump is anything but the ending. It is not here. He created the lowest African American. The loss Hispanic, the lowest of women, that unemployment rate in history before the Corona virus, And then when you talk about health care, you keep saying that we're not for pre existing conditions. And why is that people who have been conditioned tentative plan even when it was three V pump? It was Republican Senate Republican House Republican president. You guys did nothing. Thank God. John McCain gave it the thumbs down what you were trying to do. There was no alternative. This still no alternative in the in the Supreme Court, doing a cold bit crisis that I mean, that makes absolutely no sense. And you have no alternative. Nothing that has been shown We're talking with premium Dangling out electricity with Robyn Jealous, Pretty, a second district congresswoman, and Tim Schneider, who's the chairman of Illinois Republicans. So let's move to the graduated income tax referendum that the governor likes to call the fair tax. This needs 60% of those voting on the question or a simple majority of those in the whole election. It would move our income tax from the current flat rate. To a graduated rate. Tim what's at stake on this one. If the unfair tax or Pritzker's tax hike goes into effect, we currently have the second highest taxes of any state in the nation. We'll certainly have far higher taxes than any state in the nation. If this passes and you're going to see a mass exodus, we've already seen 200,000 people leave the state of Illinois in the last decade. You're going to see a mass exodus of people leaving Illinois. This tax pass is one of the reasons they're here. Still. Is because we do have a flat tax and we don't tax retirement income. Currently, this unfair tax will allow the Legislature to tax retirement income pick and choose who they want attacks. And the the wealthy. You think you're going to tax the wealthy, the wealthy have opportunities to move there. They could move. They will move and leave the middle class. With a bill about this Robin. What's its take on the fair tax referendum. Will the opposition to the attack was based on lies and misleading the public. And it's interesting that one of the state's wealthiest residents can griffin it for more than 50 million into fighting the fair tax because he apparently think the bus driver's ed teacher should pay the same percentage of their income to support them Road that you have that much money to be opposed to it, and the fair tax will not Tacky time and income like pensions. I mean, that that's not true. And the fair tax is not going to make it easier to raise income taxes. Members of the General Assembly must vote on any new taxes just like they do now. And when they're saying giving them the right to attack you, they contact you now, and people need to pay their fair share. Businesses need to pay their fair share. Yeah, I think this race might be a surprise. You know all these millions Braun entered, it might fail well. Believe that while Robert's correct Ken Griffin has contributed a great deal to fight the Pritzker tax, but the governor himself has put $52 million of his own money into promote attacks. I think we're going to see it go down on Tuesday, they goodness for the people of the middle class and the people of Illinois. And I also think there's a couple other really important races. The Supreme Court races in Illinois with Justice, anon retention of justice Kilbride as well as the race in the southern part of Illinois with David Overstreet. So those were those were the races were watching this year Bill. You know what would be the would be at stake, with the Republicans taking those removing those judges? Well, what would happen is if we can. When the non retention of Justice Thomas killed right there will be an election in two years for that seat. The Illinois Supreme Court will be three and three unless justice is can appoint somebody at that point. But it will give us an opportunity to turn the Supreme Court in Illinois into Republican hands so that we can have term limits. We can have pension reform and we can have fair maps, which is something that Thomas killed, right has blocked in the past. About that, Robin, What do you think is at stake in the Supreme Court races? Well, I think intended bladed out what's at stake, and I think that it's really unfair was happening with justice Kilbride and you know how he's being to me. I'm barely attack from what I'd known and seen, then a upstanding justice and I hope that he can fight the propaganda that is against him now. But I don't want it. The the Illinois Supreme Court go the way of the federal Supreme Court. Tim, do you think this one. The Kilbride retention race is also a referendum on Mike Madigan? Well, certainly it ISS. I mean, we've got a speaker who was who was injured because of the federal investigation into him on and I think you know who has the Democrats are using Donald Trump in some cases..

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