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They can actually get bumps that mimic pimples but if you on closer inspection um alma mater montage montages we can see that they're not actual pimples and it can be highly inflammatory so inflammatory that we have to use oral antibiotics that have antiinflammatory properties to treat it and it can jobs such as the tetracycline family of antibiotics we typically reach for doxycycline are minutes i glenn these patients do not have an infection okay the anti um biotic properties of these antibiotics are not what improved their rose asia it is the anti inflammatory properties and that being said we oftentimes are able to use very low doses of these antibiotics to achieve excellent control of their rose atia because we don't need it to alter their acute kenya's flora if you will i don't have to use these strong into matic doses so presumably if you could find something that would calm the inflammation that would be just as good as an antibiotic that's right but when they get the pap fuels and sometimes nigel's this is such a robust inflammatory response we've not found any topical to be able to control at you really needs mood orrell's and you need to go to orrell's pretty quickly 'cause it can leave scars i do to ask about a topical ferruzzi should because it's gotten some attention uh the generic term is ivermectin and dog lovers may recognize that term because it's used for heart worm um but it's used as a topical named sue lantra tell us a little bit about that so there are mites that live in her hair follicles and i'm not trying to give everyone the he be jamie's but we really he again we are all covered in these things that right yes their normal that's right there called deemed ex mites and they live in the hair follicles and again they are are part of us that i i like to describe them as our symbiotic organisms just like the little fish that are attached to the whales than and all these other types of symbiotic organisms that we see in nature that those are analogous to these mites.

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