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This is Nancy hardy the sex abuse scandal at Chicago public schools means hundreds of staffers, volunteers and vendors are gone and stocks are skidding again on Wall Street as a tech route continues and several big retailers report. Weak results the latest coming up from CBS news, sports and the Blackhawks are off WB 'em business. The Dow is down three hundred thirty two points higher today. Just thirty four close to that. Now, thirty one at O'Hare CBS news at ten o'clock. CBS news on the hour sponsored by theraworx relief. I'm Jim Taylor down by five hundred points. Earlier this morning Dow Jones industrial average coming back. Now, here's CBS news business reporter Jill Schlesinger. She's looking at tech stocks of sang stocks that stands for Facebook, apple Amazon, Netflix and Google parent. Alphabet, those stocks have taken a really big hit part of it is just that they'd gone up so much that many investors decided they were gonna take money off the table, NASDAQ down forty three s and p five hundred right now down twenty three. The Dow is right now down three hundred and sixteen points. A rebuke for President Trump judge says he may not refuse asylum migrants who entered the country illegally CBS news White House. Correspondent Steven Portnoy federal judge in San Francisco has ruled the administration must at least temporarily adhere to the law allowing any immigrant to claim asylum. Even if he or she crosses between ports of entry. The administration in a statement signals it will appeal that ruling calling it stance legitimate and well reasoned earlier this year and the travel ban case the supreme court upheld the president's power to restrict the entry of any class of aliens. If he deems them detrimental to the national interests deadly gunfire in a hospital four people shot dead in Chicago, including the gunman who killed a doctor first his former fiancee, and then appeared shoot people at random police superintendent Eddie Johnson, there's no doubt in my mind. And all those officers that responded were heroes. And they saved a lot of lies because we just don't know how much damage he was prepared to do. More of us will be traveling this holiday than ever before. A couple of words from Mark Ellwood Conde nast traveler, the flying go and Thanksgiving Day because it will be very quiet if you're driving. It's the other way round thanksgiving's really busy. Trouble in Toyland. Slime balloons, rare earth magnets topping the thirty third annual report by the US public interest research group PR. Geez. Mike litz. Found high levels of boron in some of the popular slime we found up to fifty two times the European Union limit when ingested boron in moderate amounts can cause nausea vomiting and long term. Reproductive health. Issues report finds eighty seven percent of the latex balloon surveyed on Amazon lack legally required choking warnings cloud of smoke in Massachusetts. It could be coming from legal marijuana OB smoking some history later on today. He was first in line at one of the first pot shops to open on the east coast towns of LeicesteR and north Hampton Massachussetts two years after voters there approved sales of recreational marijuana, repeating our top story the Dow is right now down.

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