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Don't know what to say you say it. Yeah so. I don't know man. This is in your backyard. I think you should be the one saying. The nascar clash. You know the race to kick off the season. The exhibition race is going to be held at the los angeles coliseum. Wow so not daytona. No so los angeles dodgers. Usc olympic games nascar. Wow so that's different. I mean that's different that's dt l. A. dude yeah i mean. That's that's that's amazing this is this is a venue. I mean posted olympics before they've they've hosted like any sporting event you could possibly want at some point. The dodgers started their bef- while they were making dodger. Stadium and left field was like crazy short. Because of how everything's configured they're now they're gonna put a racetrack in there. This is awesome so this is gonna be fun. I know a lot of people already gone our my gosh why are we moving it from daytona to l. a. This is just stupid. Of course relax on. This is great. This is excellent. We want more short track racing. This gives us a short track. And it gives us a non-point event where these guys they all want to win in this the stadium because this is a prestigious venue so this is going to be the other thing i look at when i think about this prospect of whatever this is that we're about to watch and february is a fact. This opens us up to future stadium events if it goes well of course so this thing gets off without a hitch and is a great show. This is a temporary race track. They can move this thing to any stadium at that point And we could be seeing this kind of stuff. Iconic venues across the country staples center staple center about the yankee stadium. How cool that'd be. I mean there's a lot of different opportunities here. You know it's funny. You mentioned this whole stadium kinda thing because we have been eluding to the nascar becoming monster jam you have. Yes i do. Remember your tweet update. Let's kinda do stadium stuff. They do kinda do stadium stuff. So this is the interesting thing though. Because we're in a situation where we have. We have a pretty good idea of what tracks we wanna go to. Because they're already built and we're in a weird time Money wise financial wise. Were you can't just build race tracks at ease Whenever you want some of the ones we've had for long like pal amounts of time since the beginning of time are starting to close down because it's hard to run race track right now so the fact that they're gonna be teaming up with this venue and possibly if this goes well other venues who knows. This would be something interesting. I think there's something here. And i think we all should give it at least an open. Mind and watch the event before we start Crapping on it like we usually do. I my instinct is just hammer the heck out of it saying it's the worst idea ever but i kind of want to see how this unfolds. How are they gonna fit those cars in this tiny basically a football field. Yeah i mean this is. This is gonna be a pretty tiny stadium for it to be happening now. As far as like the seating capacity obviously right but as far as the surface area of where the field is so this is is going to be interesting. This is for those who always want to see the nascar cup series racing bowman gray. This is going to be probably the closest thing you're ever gonna see to it especially if it goes poorly so you want to watch it. This is going to be as spectacle one way or the other. Whether it's the greatest race we ever see whether it's a race. It is so chaotic. That will never see something like that ever again. Either way it's gonna be something you're gonna wanna watch and you don't wanna remember that you saw it so this is going to be fun not to mention. It's kind of going to look like the cars movie. Yeah no kidding. Like for those younger generation nascar fans that grew up with cars. It's gonna look just like it. And i think it's gonna be a lot of the appeal as well. They've got the new nascar line of cars characters. That are in the in the stores now and i don't think that's coincidence. All this stuff's kind lining up that way. They're moving the numbers on the door. Lightning mcqueen's numbers or forward. That's where the cars are going to have the numbers next year. The next gen's those were called necks. Jen's were you start looking at all the things that happened in the cars franchise and sudden. It's starting to come true in the nascar world. I don't think that's all by mistake. So we'll see how this goes. But i'm excited now. This is in downtown los angeles. How is that gonna play the noise. Reverberating off of these buildings and stuff. I mean this is like the litter literally downtown. Yeah of any other track. It i can think of. I mean it. Yeah right out in the boonies of a high high populated area. It's still out in the boonies of that high papa area so totally As far as a nascar race goes this is going to be unprecedented. So this is pretty fun. I'm i'm pretty excited I think this is going to be an event that could possibly be groundbreaking and could change things. This this could be a game changer. For the industry and.

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