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Our house. We always leave secret messages in things that are going to get good. Sometimes I'll have dreams like we realize. Oh there's a door that we never opened in the house. What's back here. I kind of like that. This one is like Oh yeah we knew about that. We just forgot yes. I knew that the articles they got shared are kind of spectacular. Because there's a photo in there was in a lot of them Of somebody coming through the door and it's not a small enough door to be kinda creepy but it is a small enough door to be charming in my opinion. It's not like when we were looking at houses and we opened a little door in an attic and there was a creepy creepy teddy bear. Back I love it I let A. Do you have creepy or non creepy listener mail? I have non creepy listener mail. It is from Caitlyn and I have a specific reason that I picked to read the title of the email is cats and sewing and Caitlyn says hi Tracey and Holly I teach preschool. And I'm currently furloughed because tiny germ factories and chronic illnesses. Dangerous Combo without adding a pandemic into the mix. I'm going a little stir crazy in the house without spending my days. Refereeing my kiddos. So impulse buy a sewing machine. Her name is Rose Burton. I learned to sew and made cool stuff as a theater major but paused after graduation. When I didn't have access to the costume shop anymore my first project was a felt shark to Piss for my cat named shark depose also known as Sharkey see photo photos were great. Sharkey is eight months old and her favorite activities. Include trying to catch birds through the window sleeping under the couch where I can't bother her as easily and stealing nibbles of teriyaki sauce from my plate. She's fuzzy and sweet and has a white spot on her tummy from where she got shaved for her spe in regards to Emily Dickinson Poem. Having a cadence the first time ever heard that was from my dad and I thought he was a genius. His other favorite trick was to swap the lyrics of amazing grace yellow rose of Texas and House. The Rising Sun eight year old me was suitably impressed and entertained. Please keep staying safe and healthy. Caitlin Caitlin also has some episode topic ideas and there thank you so much. Kaitlyn for this email. I wanted to read it for so many reasons. Besides the one that I thought of it I I love that the sewing machine is named Rosebud. Tam I love the trick of swapping the lyrics of these different songs. I have before before I moved away from Atlanta. I had a friend who did open mics and would like riff on old songs. And hymns like that just seamlessly move in and out with each other's like key and meter and all of that and it was delightful and I loved it But also I have also gotten out my sewing machine recently to make the masks because there's a pandemic happening and we are now being advised to cover our faces when we go out in public and I forgot how challenging it can be too so things with cats around. Oh Yeah I'm just used to it. Yeah I Because I do still have a sewing table but there's just not a great place in our house to put it. I thought about making like a sewing corner in our basement and that has not worked out for various reasons so I brought the sewing machine to the to the table that we eat on. And there's not a way to close that off from any cats. It was just like constant cat. Wrangling while making masks anyway thank you so much. Kaitlyn for that email. It really delighted me a lot of ways as always we hope folks and their loved ones are as safe and healthy as possible. Regardless of what's happening in your life right now. I really hope people are able to take as much care with themselves and to be as gentle with themselves as possible. I know it's a really hard time and a lot of folks are really struggling So our thoughts are with everyone if you'd like to send us a note or some chat pictures or anything like that history. Podcast IHEARTRADIO DOT COM. We're Oliver Social Media History. And that's where you find our facebook.

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