Greta Van Susteren, White House Correspondent, CNN discussed on John Gibson


And they did they knew what they were getting they bring him in here that's why louis c k was hired he was hired for the very same reason and then people you know they preempted that greta van susteren was the one who kinda got on that she said this is who you're having at the white house correspondent they had to back out of that so now the head of the white house correspondents dinner margaret talev i'm really disappointed that that's not we stanford i'll we we our plan was to bring the country together she's lying it's a lie like that is that is why you have to call these people out that is why placing any blame on comedian it's misplaced they did exactly what they wanted to do and no no no they don't want to bring the country together look at the whole rest of the show besides the they gave they gave awards to the people at cnn for the russia story there was very bad called bernstein's contribution to journalism is now it's it's sullied he was there he was carl bernstein was the was the historic journalist he and woodward and bernstein were they were all the president's men he could have gone down in history but now i look at him and think oh my gosh what a hack he is i'm serious i have no respect for the man anymore these people are partisan hacks and now i realize they always were it makes me retroactively dismiss the entire career of call bernstein that's what i think and they give these guys in ward.

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