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Yes, it's going to happen before we get to that. Let me grab the phone. So I'm not derelict in duty there, Chris. It's all yours. You're on KM. Jay what's going on? Happy Friday starts number one. Haven't we been here before back in? What was it ninety three when Bill collectors something like this with Bruce Babbitt Dianne Feinstein and governor Wilson weapon on I remember that? And then all of a sudden that money and that plan sunsetted disappeared just a couple years later. I remember this was a plan and all the Dow was gonna solve all water problems. I don't know. I do not remember that at all. And you could very well. Correct. But. A different day with different players, quiet. Let me finish. With a different set of people in charge. The the Republicans straight across the boards. Go ahead. Okay. Yeah. It was something that. Devin Nunes had mentioned, and Secondly, it's nice to see that. Jim Acosta finally woke up and realized he has a job to do what the Lisbeth hang chopping this bitch. And and this and water being an issue finally killed the chance campaign him walking around in those cowboy boots for the first time on a creek with fresh wage that had just been trying to pretend that, you know, something about water that ended his campaign. Well, according to some inside sources in some polling that are doing it, basically RNC stuff that particular commercial really ditched him. Because people didn't believe it. They they didn't believe that Devin Nunes has been doing nothing when it comes to water when he's been doing everything and. The the situation with Kosta and hang I don't think he's genuinely that worried about her. I do believe the party is worried about her and the numbers were that close. But it's probably giving them a little bit of nervousness. And therefore they're properly pushing him on this water thing as well. I don't know if that just strictly came from Kosta or not it might have this is only me talking. Now, Chris, I mean, I don't know. It may have been coming from the uppity ups there that hey, we gotta do something. We finally got to perform here because you could be vulnerable. And like, I said earlier, brother. I don't care what it is is long as we get this damn storage. And the and the the president signs it next week. Let's do it. You know, how you knew was the chance. Justin harder and TJ Cox are standing next to Obama jammed is at mansion, and then then Gavin Newsom was in town just the other day TJ Cox's, they're Andrew and very interesting. Isn't it? Yeah. Go ahead. Yeah. Time for him to go back to figure out how to be ADA or go back to that job at McDonald's. He was talking about in that commercial. Chris thank you gotta roll on. There seems to be some distancing of the party from chance. And I don't know the reasons why. But that impression is definitely there. But to want to get too far off the track. Let's get the dams proposal. And then I'll give you conscious proposal that would allow for storage getting it funded in California. Dennis proposal allows local irrigation districts to apply for these low interest federal loans from the Environmental Protection Agency to build new reservoirs also below ground storage project Anthony's recycling and also diesel projects diesel, of course, probably last on the list because it's very very expensive. Now all of this desperately needed in California to capture the reins the runoff from the mountains. So the water can be stored. It can be used in the drier seasons. You know, putting it in the Bank. We understand the concept there right now, theoretically the irrigation districts could eventually easily repay the lower interest loans through the control of the new water sources and having a larger supply of water which would drive down you got it demand and the cost of fresh water throughout the state. So several water storage projects in the state have already been authorized by legislation and there are. Waiting funding. And you all know what they are. And we've personally been involved with them at came. Jane Costa's proposal is interesting. It would allow dams and other water facilities. Regulated by the army corps of engineers but owned by local entities to use non federal funds. This one's a little different a repeat again this would allow dams and other water facilities. Regulated by the army corps of engineers but owned by local entities to use non federal funds. Currently if a report. Reports indicate more water will flow to an area in a certain season. Local Anthony's that owns dams cannot provide money to the army corps of engineers to prepare more storage. Example example, there have to be those have to be federal funds. Even though the dams are not federally owned. I know it's confusing and water storage tends to fall low along a long list of federal priorities. Okay. So interested parties in the San Joaquin valley and in Washington DC. The art so concerned with assigning praise of the politics or the president saying that they just glad like I am that this is finally happening now. A quote again from the Sacramento bee. Some people may think that Denham is pandering to the district, but he's been consistent as long as I know him. That's a quote from Tom orvis, who's a governmental affairs director for Stanislaw county farm bureau, one of the largest, I might add in the state of California. If you wanna be a cynic and believe it was all politics. You can do that cost to says. But I don't think that's accurate. Timing sometimes has to do with politics. But this is a good policy, and we're proud of it. Jim Kosta added. So. This is. A small story nationally. It is a larger than life story as far as we go in this part of California. This is absolutely huge. And the bottom line is the President Trump has to be credited for the passage of this new provision through the the house of representatives went through yesterday that is going to provide the funding to help this state built its first water storage infrastructure in forty years. He said he would do it. And he has done it. And he will and he will sign this next week, and I can guarantee you. I'm certain of this. The Senate is not going to hold this up this time as they had been previously holding up the Bill put together by by by Kevin and David and Devon we can all call a Miller first names now, we know them so well that to still as an intricate part of this and that to ultimately will finally come to pass now when that happens. That's a little different. That's different than storage. The pumps will immediately. Go on. Remember what that one is all about? So and again, you know, I hate to keep playing mystery man here. But there's also something else very big in the works. And I'll say the same thing I said a couple of minutes ago when not if not yet, but when this comes to pass, it's probably going to leave a crater in that area. Where once the gubernatorial mansion sits now in Sacramento, boom. The governor will not be able to handle this one. So this is fabulous news comments questions. I might be able to answer some of the questions four nine zero fifty eight fifty eight eight hundred seventy seven six fifty eight fifty eight remember the population of the state has grown seventy percent. Seven zero percent. We have not built any new storage since nineteen seventy nine. So you can only imagine what kind of a catch up game. We're going to have to go through here. But at least the catch up game we'll start where it's needed the most here in central California, and the president who's been guiding this through, of course, he said that he will absolutely sign this, and it will be signed next week. This is not something that's going to be you know, pushed way down the road. So it's one of those deals where it's outta sight outta mind. We all forget, this is something that President Trump was passionate about when he was campaigning here in central California. When he made the big public address over at the cylinder arena. I think it was. And when he also got together privately with the farmers in the south valley, and we were there. I was there. A both of those occasions, even another private occasion that you don't even know what about when he was here. Visiting with some people one on one he made the same exact pledge and. The shift in policy the one thing. And I've told you this before about the president that really impressed me. And again, this is somebody that Donald Trump we pay came acquainted with thirteen fourteen years ago on a personal basis. I never thought of the time he would become president. He is the most incredible listener. And when it comes to getting up to speed on any subject demand is remarkable remarkable. He's got this. This encyclopedia brain functions. Like, no other people on the other side of constantly saying that he's he's imbalanced. He's mentally unstable. He's this that you have to be incredibly bright and intelligent to do this. And he's a fabulous listener. And again, I've never seen. Anybody come up to speed so fast on the water dilemma in the Santa California has Donald Trump has and yes, he's made mistakes. He's twenty those mistakes to one very notable one when he talked about water and wildfires and he quickly yanked that one back. Did a mea culpa, and then did the research and his homework and presented the credible and the right information. So the man knows what he's talking about. And as a result of that. He's gained a lot of respect with the western representatives who fully understand the water situation. And with that, they those even those Republicans who have been a little bit of doubters, certainly a lot of doubters within the Republican party when it comes to Donald Trump. They have gained a lot more respect for him and working are lot closer with them on a lot of this water stuff. And that's why it's moving so quickly. And that's why we have the speed that we have on what we're talking about right now. So this has been nothing, but good news. Anyway. I'm happy about this..

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