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Thanks to. Liz Liz is a huge, help in. The drive is one Oh To live in a word is, says it says, this if you confess your, scenes, yes he is faithful and just right to forgive you of his sins and cleanse. You Of all unrighteousness so we're asking the suffering addict out there yeah if anyone's listening you. Can turn to, Jesus and be relieved of all the distress all of. The pain but. He's waiting on you to surrender and, confessed to him and he. Can deliver you, we are three four living witnesses of were God is able to do he, is able I just want to. Say this guys if you, confess your faults the worst says if you confess your faults at one to another and pray for one. Another you says. You will be healed so not only you know I know that like, you, said is confession is. Something some some super, powerful that we confess to God God. Already knows but he wants us to be obedient to his word and to say hey got I need you it's just a desperation but let me tell you something else the bible says that the same, spirit that rolls, Christ from the dead resides, in, you is a Powell when you get together and you start talking to each other About hey this is what I'm going through and then it gives us. An opportunity to pray for like Burberry we can pray for you now. Specifically because you. Confessed it and now I know so, you know I just want. To tell you, if you out there don't hide man if you're if you're out there don't, be alone just know this that..

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