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Yeah i'm very like thirty years i've lost twenty five thousand dollars you're getting survivor bedding gotta be careful 'cause show far in advance that people might have information i know that's not been betting on jeff probst this whole time have a mutt when is he going to get up the odds are going to vote that guy off he's been on the longest never just like letting him sale right into the finals and he doesn't even have the activities well scott you seem confused about a lot of things of course but let me just tell you people ready player one is going to knock your socks off if you like to be bum barred with images and words and things we got a movie for you are you ready and each one of you player one doused it was the thing look it up then enjoy the movie wait so you need to know every reference before you go we're doing a very intense campaign to educate before you go in the field you have to take a written test and we've proven with some of the test audience as it works you're like oh yeah got it now i got a six hour tutoring session with like ten neck beards jeff kind of just broke down video games movies you get sort of like a tutorial with like a cheesecake factory menu exactly i'm like wargames who was in it magic project he was in movies.

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