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Because that was one of the first requests I said to her when she started I'm still in Darkness K. J. I'm still in dark night. Get on that. All right listen if nothing else are you satisfied to of your constituents on this podcast? Doing how few people voted? That's really all you need so. Another topic. Completely you are you mentioned you're you come from a family of artists. Yourself are an artist you enjoy first Friday but you have a lot of artistic outlets so you like to paint. But the one I think that may be has been the hardest for you. During this pandemic is that you also love Karaoke I was Gonna I was hoping you would say Karaoke because that is that's where my heart earth I know. Yeah. I'm not able to the Kariuki itch and it's that's been tough but I've been practicing my car doing a lot of Car Yuki. We'll have a whole new set list for my next Karaoke performances by I've gotten really into trying to do a male vocal of super, Poppy Paula Abdul, yeah, highly minogue like the just bubble gum pop. Nice. Try to seeing that as a dude. Okay and terrible results. This is awful but that's what he is supposed to be super embarrassing Mitchell is supposed to be awkward and maybe even to listen to difficult to watch, and that's the beauty of Karaoke is just embraced seen the laude art form if you want to call it an art form. because. No one likes good Kariuki right if you're a good singer than it's everyone else is on the list coming up after he was like great and I've got a follow this but we love a bad singer. Me Love someone who's up there just way out of their element. It's like my love of Camp I just I don't know it's just it's a passion. There's something beautiful about someone who is terrible singing just really giving it their all in a karaoke. And again, maybe this is one hundred percent..

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