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So you got fired a month to do his job and was rehired less than 24 hours later because his entire team, including the sun, some of the owners are protested. Yeah, protested. And said they were not going to play unless he was back. So a guy that has had that track record for getting players to buy in, same thing with the islanders. Again, when you're in a team coach by Barry tried, so you're known for having the identity of stingy grinded out team, but as a guy who helped run their defense, he played a very practical and hands on role in terms of getting that defense to be a team that was tough to play against. I think they were in the top ten in fewest goals against per game in all four years with the islanders. So it seems like a guy that wherever he's gone, he's done a very good job at getting guys to communicate, get his message across, get guys to buy in. And so for this team, if his main objective is getting more offensive capabilities out of this decor, seems like a pretty good guy to take on that task, especially if it's something that allows guys like mcavoy or grizzly would have you hit another gear in terms of their offensive production. I don't think you're going to see Brendan Carlo all of a sudden be a 15 goal score or what have you. But if he's able to get if he's able to get more production or just more adopting more mindset of finding those shooting lanes of not being afraid to take a shot and maybe in the past, you'd be chastised for being a low danger shot. If it's all about finding those lanes and capitalizing on them, seems like a pretty good guy for kind of the objectives or the bruins are mapping out for this roster. And that was something that bruins wanted the past couple of years. I remember even Cassidy mentioning this after the hurricane series in 2020 and the bubble saying, we need to get more shots through from the point. And over the past couple of years, it never really took place. And again, hampus lindholm helps with that. It does not help the Charlie mcavoy is going to be out for the first month and a half, two months of the season. Of course, I could be out for a month. So that definitely hurts, but I do think when the lineup is healthy, I think for the direction they want to go in, Gruden sounds like the guy. We will see we will completely say, again, it's an assistant coach, so it's not like he's going to revitalize the whole system. But good to get a new voice on the bench. You know, they got one last year in Chris Kelly. They've had Joe Sacco now forever. I know Joe sack was nothing to do with the defense, but like Joseph has been there since I think like what 2014. Quite a while. Quite a while. And you have goalie bob, obviously. So quite the assistant coaching crew Gruden and interesting hire should be interested to see what he does. But Connor, what can people look forward to from you over at Boston sports journal? Yeah, Evan, we're going to continue to break down the off season as we await some actual tangible news surrounding increased version on David creche. But until that happens, we'll still have you covered every step of the way. I think next week we're going to do a little bit of a dive into prospects and we usually do a prospect ranking every year during the off season, so I think we're going to commit to that undertaking next week quite the undertaking.

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