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The primary thin the governor things happening around the nation president trump says his administration will take action next week to help american steel and aluminum company you'll be in imposing tariffs on steel imports and tariffs aluminum reports and you're going to see a lot of good things happened you're going to see expansions of the company's the blackout has hit puerto rico's capital san juan and surrounding areas after two main power plant shut down more than nine hundred seventy thousand people live in those areas hit by the blackout buffalo bills hall of fame quarterback jim kelly has once again been diagnosed with oral cancer i'm ed donahue the ceo of us olympic committee's reside if he's mike ross report the comes amid a wide ranging sex abuse scams scott blackmun has stepped down as chief executive of the us olympic committee allowing the umbrella body for us olympic federations to move forward under new leadership in the wake of the larry nassar sexual abuse scandal the sixty year old black men was diagnosed with prostate cancer in january and he did not attend the pyong chang winter games but he also had come under fire because of the usoc response to various cases including the abuse of members of the us gymnastics team suzanne lyons has been all the usoc board will serve as the body's acting ceo until blackman's replacement is named i'm mike rossio if you're wondering how much tax to have taken out of your paycheck now the tax overall is in place ap's show is myth reports the government is out with an online calculators to help you the calculator is designed to help people determine whether they have the correct amount of money withheld by employers from their paychecks to avoid facing a huge tax bill for two thousand eighteen the calculator will ask tax payers to estimate their two thousand eighteen income and other items that might affect their taxes such as filing status and the number of dependence at the same time experts say the new calculator doesn't provide foolproof reckoning it helps people estimate their tax obligations to determine the.

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