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The giants staff struck out six dodgers in the forty two victory let's go places now with the toyota outoftown scoreboard the yankees and angels these sunday night nationally televised game ccc bath you on the bound for the yankees the native of vallejo and they're just underway there nothing nothing after a half inning in anaheim skaggs going for the angels a couple of games involving western division teams from the national league the rockies were shut out by the marlins three nothing and the d backs lost to the national's three to one robbie ray got hurt in that game and had to leave early on we don't know the extent of the injury or how long he will be out but gio gonzalez was outstanding for the nationals in that victory and the judge gained ground both of the teams in front of them now five and a half out in the west and just a half game back of colorado the second place team the open athletics were beaten in houston oakland beaten by the astros eight to four so the astros take two out of three in that series as the athletics road trip will continue the giants will now have the night off here in the city by the bay and i'm sure they can use it after the very intense weekend with so many games in such a short period of time against the rival and then tomorrow night back at it against the san diego padres jeff's amarjit will get to call against a rookie left hander whom he of yet to see eric lower we'll go for the padres we'll see you then seven fifteen first pitch on the radio six fifteen the pregame show thanks to darren chan our remote engineer and producer i'm john miller saying so long from at and t park the final score again today the judge make it three out of.

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