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I have to got this. It's not been Affleck brand is just as Brenda everywhere. Brenda Brenda, Brenda, Brenda hope that friend of do this guy's just a Stocker imagine. If this guy's just stocking girl named Brenda, and it's not even so when he's in a relationship when you look at a website. And has Brandon. Every font possible, bro. I'm scared for Brenda. I am worried for Brenda. But not as Ben well. How about this? I love the Photoshop of the looking it's like a leopard or something a leopard face. And then they let the leopard's face actual leopard. It kinda has like the Chinese like, you know, animation character. Yeah. So it's bad. But it's. You know, not as it's not the worst. This is funny. But. So that's a drink. Forehead think it's a girl. Not one hundred percent. I don't know. I don't I don't know. know. That's just crazy. A little nuts. Yeah. I hate my mom pro. Wow. Again. This is sad. Mom, probably was the worst person in the world because she probably did something awful them. Yeah. What is this? What am I looking at? Extra nipple? So he tattooed extra nipples, which is pretty strange. I don't know what this is. But I can tell you ready. It's not dog tits. Let duff. Okay. So on a semi dog tits added six extra nipples. I guess he's a furry or something. I don't know. That's true. Probably some that's quite bad. That is quite bad. Imagine. If Ben Affleck had dog tits. This guy's Israeli. Yes. Okay. Good. You know, they like this is really hard. So this guy with the hell I'm looking at so gross is a super famous misery anger. And what does that mean music style music horrible? It's the most popular music. So my friend who's super my friend who's a musician. He's in the jokes with me. He's a very talented musicians. Very open minded to and we came to Israel. He's we both he agreed with me. And this is something that I would never even expect Mercedes, Missouri. He is probably the worst music like objectively, and he's a really open minded guy when it comes to music. So help look. On the back of his head. He has tribal stripes and two is and he's. Is absurdly disgusting. And I don't know I guess at some point in his mid life crisis decided that this is gonna make him look bad ass, and the other thing that you should know about him is that him and is father were having parties with underage girls. Oh nice. Oh, I heard it. So I've heard about those big scandal. Yeah. And I think his father actually I like two years in prison now for just having sex with underage girls. Yeah. Or like doing this part is, but he was into and this is still working on everything you think that tattoo helped him get it. Maybe a fifteen year old found it impressive. What does it mean? 'cause you have when you have is on the back of your neck. It's like I can wash. I can see you. Yeah. From the back of my head weird and. Yeah. That's a good one to bring up. I really hate them. Well, what do you think? I mean does that rival Ben it may it may. There you go out. We've got Ben avatar guy in this guy. And is everybody and also has sex with underage girls. I mean, apparently his dad. What's this guy's name? A to go down. Right. I l go on. So we may have actually found Challender here. That one is phenomenal. I love this. It's Jillian Jolie. So it it's her I guess from tomb raider, right? Got to cross. Yeah. Yeah. Man. This one actually got submitted like ten times a bunch of people. Because the two are like really sucked here. Imagine you bring that..

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