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Her since she passed away, 1 20 But it was it was really challenging. But I didn't know it was important to you that during that such a hard time enjoying it, a lot of television, you know? Get some fresh air it was, you know, I was back and it was definitely really challenging. My mom wasn't 50 years old. She was I had to do it way early and happy that I could give her that it was actually a really positive end of lighting. So it was. It was really hard, but I need my company Patty and Ricky after her. She was such a cool woman. When she was here. I just wanted to bring together adopted clothing. How do you think we have some really great adaptive clothing and accessories and adaptive shoes that make dressing easier. Having adaptive clothing can really support and provide independence for people with disabilities. And those that are aging, adaptive clothing something I wish I had known what I was given for my mom. You know you also your cousin who was able to care for themselves. What was that experience like my company? Ricky Ricky was born, unable to walk or talk, and he really for me, but weep scare people to get what he needed to go. But it also a fashion accessory, and he really showed me that we can communicate so much doesn't have certainly voice. It could be a computer augmented communication, but I needed a different expression that would point to different buttons that would his parents to use. It's my friendship with my cousin Ricky really formed How see disability as humans, Whether it physical, emotional, mental, we all have different going on. You know, that was really 14. When I started, Patty and Monkeys really have product everyone and show people that doesn't have to be a medical supply store. No. It can really be a fashion store and are holding accessories. We've had a lucky day comma really universally decide so that it's just smarter with Velcro zippers for women, men, kids. We just make it easier. And you would never know. It adopted a lot of really have no, I I'm just like.

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